• Jack Move Review Blog Post

    Jack Move is High Energy Fun With Cyberpunk Thrills

    I’d brushed the proximity of Jack Move several times this year. Seeing it here, seeing it there, probably even passing up a demo. When I just had to have the Tactics and RPG turn-based bundle from Humble Bundle this month, I got a chance to play it. Turns out Jack Move, the pixel graphic cyberpunk RPG, is a fantastic, well-paced and interesting adventure. Here are my first impressions of the game along with…

  • Terraria Classic Review

    Terraria – First Impressions of an Indie Survival Classic

    Terraria is simply one of the most famous games ever made, yet I hadn’t ever played it until just recently. The gameplay is engaging and the pixel art graphic style is pretty satisfying. It has a simple premise that matches other survival craft games, like Minecraft, that being: build a fort, fight or hide, and survive–then just keep building and building and building. And though I only put effort into one aspect during…

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  • Travellers Rest Review

    Travellers Rest Has All I Want in an Innkeeping Sim

    Grab your mop, bring your Stardew Valley membership card, and head into olden times with Travellers Rest. Yes, I literally just started this game, so I’ll continue to update this as time goes on, but I’m already hooked. I do in fact still love that old classic Stardew Valley, a basic grounding point for this game. But I have also enjoyed the medieval theme of RPG’s for a long time. The concept is…