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🎃HALLOWEEN 2022 is on the way.🦇 Click below to check out some of my favorite write-ups for games, books, and bundles if you need to stock up on some spooky, fun-filled options:

Starbound – Completing the First Planet (Quick Guide)

Check out this popular guide I made on getting through the first planet in the classic pixel art survival RPG: Starbound!

Check out my short story Galaxy’s Bloom, part of a series I’m working on.

Read more about the article Galaxy’s Bloom (Original Short Sci-Fi Story) by Dave Pizza

Galaxy’s Bloom (Original Short Sci-Fi Story) by Dave Pizza

“I watch as two passenger ships collide at the apex of the low orbit aurora borealis area of Polaris’s relay planet. Both ships collapse, yet not, into each other in a strange caduceus of magic in the starry backdrop of the vessels’ courses…”

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“The Pizza is a Lie.”

Best cyberpunk pizzeria arcade in town. (Original artwork. Generated with Midjourney AI by Discord wizards.)

WELCOME to Mr. Dave Pizza! This is not a pizzeria, but a video game journey! The rules of modern blogmaking are transformed into this place–a place where we talk about indie games, culture, and just general fun stuff. You might be shocked to see this new front page to my website, but I had always intended for this website to be my personal stomping ground–and not just a place for my blog feed to process.

I’ve maxed out the category post feed limits, so you can see everything with a single click of the category!

I’m a writer, and overly meticulous about it. So, if you want to know who I am or what I am, or–even better–need some writing work, just go to my About Me page. I’m a story/article/gamedev word crafter, so if you’ve got something clever going on, you can head there, or you can send all inquiries straight to my email: here.

The official Mr. Dave Pizza Twitter page is located here: https://twitter.com/MrDavePizza

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Anyway. You’re probably just here for the games, so I’ll see what happens to this front page here, but for now, ENJOY!

~Mr. Dave Pizza