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A Word From Your Host, Dave Pizza

Mar. 17, 2023

Hi everyone. Thanks as usual for reading the blog. I’m as grateful as ever that anybody even cares what I have to say. One major update I want to share. A couple of articles I wrote have been published by my friends from Indie Games Picks’ new edition of the book Into the Indies. I talk about what to expect in planning and marketing indie devs, with some more honest and mindful tips. This is similar to my game dev section, except the articles are exclusive to the book and a little more in-depth, and a little more expansive than the blog usually is–kind of like my original blog. Check it out here: https://www.amazon.com/Into-Indies-Nikolis-Asimakis-ebook/dp/B0BY7CC3K7 It’s only $2.99 as an eBook, plus it is available in print. It’s packed with dev interviews and some other articles. Again, really grateful, thank you for reading and enjoying the blog! Please do not give me swirlies when you see me in the bathroom, I KNOW I’m a nerd, not sorry! ~Dave🍕🤓

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