5 More Great Itch.IO Games in 2021 TOP LIST

ocean trash cleanup cartoon indie boat game

Here are 5 Itch.IO games that are either demos, choose your own price, or free–depending on how much you want to contribute or can afford. You may have noticed I am very enthusiastic about this platform because it is where indie games are happening every moment! I’ve got some great titles for you, so let’s get started.

1. Doggo Quest


The dog is pretty cute and funny and the interactions with the other creatures and features are all really good. When I looked at the environments and creatures I noticed that this game seems to be entirely hand painted, possibly water-colored. It has a very relaxing ambience because of that. I want to play more games that are painted, because it just looks so darn good and makes me feel calm.

It takes a moment to figure out the first puzzle, but just keep trying things you will get it. Maybe you need to try looking at some things or barking. 🙂

2. Sort The Court


Sort the Court is awesome. You entertain a court of audiences to the king who ask you yes or no questions which affect the state of your people. There are a pretty substantial variety of who you interact with from entrepreneurs to monsters. It’s all pretty humorous and definitely entertains. I knew I liked games but I didn’t realize I could fulfill my gameplay needs with two buttons representing yes or no. This game does request a donation of around $5 and it’s worth that in my opinion. This is a nicely made and enjoyable game.

3. Tanuki Sunset Classic


There is a full version on Steam, but this one is a nice test of the game which has built its way up. You are a racoon in a 80s rad sunset landscape and you have a skateboard. What do you do? The demo is pretty well developed so I’d probably check out the game. Sincerely challenging in the right ways though. Don’t laugh at my attempts to drift ad doldrum. My experience with racing games is it generally takes a little time before you can perfect the drift. Even in Mario Kart, I fall off the ledge constantly if I play an unfamiliar character or vehicle. Anyway.

4. Ocean Trash Cleanup


This one is a short joy, an in development creation with a fun demo. It’s an important concept, cleaning up the ocean, but so are krakens. It’s totally free and a nice concept. I know that I insistently favor games which I can actually complete, but I just like the straight forward nature of this. The graphics are perfect and the challenge is manageable. I like it a lot and it’s something I would play more if it were more developed. Nice!

5. Little Things Remastered


I looked up the developer of this game and did not find him on social media but he does have a website. His name is Matthew Hall, and he created a few titles with this aesthetic. It’s an artistic flat graphic hidden object game with some nice music. The object mosaics are objects themelves which is kind of nice. They puzzles are pretty challenging and include over a 100 objects. That’s not bad. If you want to chill out and do some hidden object sleuthing this is a great title on Itch.io.

Closing Remarks

I hope you liked this list. If you’re looking for a game to play these were my picks for issue. I’m constantly impressed that the unique content on this platform. If you need to double down on the mainstream stuff this is your granola.

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Thanks for reading!

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