If you’re actually reading this, thanks.

Welcome to MrDavePizza.com!

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: Yep, I’m an indie game content creator. I would love to help you with your project! My showcases catch a lot of attention because of all the platforms I use to promote them. The best thing to do is to tell me where you want to be seen, what you want me to look at, and where to get the game. I usually discuss things on Twitter DM or email: dave@mrdavepizza.com.

I’m mostly interested in upcoming releases, but I don’t mind giving some awareness to something in early access or already out there. Also, I am really interested in ‘zine work, periodicals, or book articles–which I do have experience in.

I have *some* dev experience and have played tons of games, which helps me translate the mechanics of games into a discussion. I believe every game has something unique to share with the indie gaming community, and that’s why I love to write about them. You folks are amazing!

I use this website, my YouTube channel, and social media to help promote games.

If you decide my writing would be well suited for this type of work, send the info to dave@mrdavepizza.com.

I have been working on MrDavePizza.com for two years now. I have posted hundreds of self-written articles, and it is updated regularly with usually current indie and retro game topics. I also have a YouTube channel. I am a positive gamer and like to write about things that make people happy. You probably won’t find anything too shocking here.

I love popular literature, ’80s & ’90s culture, and I am also a friend of animals, especially birds.

I run ads on this site with the hope of recovering some of what it takes to keep things running. I also accept donations on Ko-Fi if you want to “buy me a cup of coffee.” I am growing as a freelancer, but I am beyond grateful for any support offered. Become involved and support my work here, please! https://ko-fi.com/mrdavepizza

If you are just passing through and like my work, find me on social media; I am always looking to make friends! Check out my Lnk.bio page for all of my social media links: https://lnk.bio/mrdavepizza

The original Mr. Dave Pizza logo. (Copyright 2020)

Lastly–about the pizza Pac-Man logo: if you’re wondering why/how I made him, it involved drawing a crude form in crayon, scanning, then running it through many, many filters. Truthfully, I got the idea from a generated logo, that I decided to re-interpret. I try to do things myself when I can and get help when I can’t. People seem to like dear Pizzahead, so it’s here to stay I guess. It has been noticeably re-interpreted since the beginning.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much time I spend working on MrDavePizza, my mom designed a Mr. Dave Pizza cake! She has lent an ear so many times when working on new projects. This is the part of the website, where I say, “Thank you!” to her.

My MrDavePizza Birthday Cake!

P.S. I also sort of/kind of took a throw at putting together my own solo-dev visual novel called Thank You, Mr. Bell. It’s a demo-stage visual novel about Alexander Graham Bell. At some point, I will complete it–maybe never (honestly.) Check it out on Itch.IO if you’re interested. Here’s a link below.

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I am a regular showcaser for The Indie Game Collective, a group of content creators that voluntarily play, test, review, and showcase new games for indie developers and publishers on social media. You may see this logo on some of my articles. For more info check out our Twitter: @IGCollective.