About Me

About Dave

Hi! I’m Dave. If you’d like me to write for you, request me to showcase your game, or discuss similar work (or anything really,) please contact me by email at dave@mrdavepizza.com. I can write copy, game reviews, release showcases, guides, narrative writing, game worldbuilding, character development, dialogue, visual novel writing, fiction, and community topics. I have a Bachelor of Science in Social Science, and occupational background in bookselling, as well as experience in sales and customer service.

My basic professional rate is $50 USD per article or $0.05 cents per word for projects above 2,000 words. I require payment up-front within the terms of the project agreement. I’ll usually discuss a game for free on my website and social media in exchange for a Steam or Switch key. Nothing political, vulgar, or extremely violent–and no demos, please. I hope we can work together!

If you simply want me to showcase your game, email me what you need and we can take it from there. If your answer is not here, contact me and we can discuss it! For reference, I am located in the central United States. Most people know me as MrDavePizza from this site and on social media.

I am a casual reviewer and “showcaser” of games. MrDavePizza.com is my top project. I have been working on this site since about August of 2020. I have posted hundreds of self-written articles on MrDavePizza and it is updated regularly with usually current indie and retro game topics. I try to keep things pretty wholesome, but there are a few games that are slightly edgy on this site. You probably won’t find anything too shocking here though.

I also love literature, 80s/90s pop culture, and am a friend to animals, especially birds.

A note on how this site works. Yes, I do run AdSense ads throughout this website. I also accept donations on Ko-Fi if you want to “buy me a cup of coffee.” I am growing as a freelancer, but I really need your support. Become involved and support my work here, please! https://ko-fi.com/mrdavepizza

Next, to anybody reading this, YES you can talk to me! Leave a comment here, DM me on Twitter or comment, Instagram, YouTube, email if you need to, wherever. I will respond and encourage it. Thank you SO much for following this project.

About the pizza Pac-Man logo: if you’re wondering why/how I made him, it involved drawing a crude form in crayon, scanning, then running it through many, many filters. I try to do things myself when I can and get help when I can’t. People seem to like dear Pizzahead, so it’s here to stay I guess.

I love indie games, and you’ll find them here, but I’m also interested in books, movies, comics, and more. I am committed to making these posts and expanding the scope of Mr. Dave Pizza with new areas for instruction and resources for developers, artists, writers, and content creators. Most of all, I am ensuring every day that you are entertained, finding out new information, and getting value from MrDavePizza! Thank you! And thank you for reading.

(Yes, that is me in a pizza face cut out at a pizza shop in Nova Scotia 😂 .)

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much I like to talk about MrDavePizza, my mom made me this surprise cake for one of my birthdays! I may have mentioned this a few, couple, hundreds of times to her. Thanks Mom!

P.S. I also sort of/kind of took a throw at putting together my own solo-dev visual novel called Thank You, Mr. Bell. It’s a demo-stage visual novel about Alexander Graham Bell. Check it out on Itch.IO if you’re interested. Here’s a link below.

I am a regular “showcaser” for “Indie Game Collective,” a group of content creators that voluntarily play, test, review, and showcase new games for indie developers and publishers. You may see this logo on some of my articles. For more info check out the Twitter: @IGCollective.

I’m also a partner with Humble, a digital downloadable game online retailer. Every purchase donates a portion to charity.