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Welcome to MrDavePizza.com!

If you need to get ahold of me, email me at dave@mrdavepizza.com (I don’t mind Twitter DMs either.)


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ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: This is the premier spot to learn about trending casual indie and also deep-cut, games that are the building blocks of the future of gaming as well as samples of creative writing and casual indie entertainment reviews. What’s offered is my humble opinion and a curated selection of topics I research and try with the hopes of making this interesting thing here I call “Mr. Dave Pizza.”

I have posted hundreds of self-written articles, and it is updated regularly with usually current indie and retro game topics, plus those other topics. I also have a YouTube channel. I am a positive gamer and like to write about things that make people happy. You probably won’t find anything too shocking here.

I love post-modern games, independent thinkers, subtle allegories for the bizarre nature of things, literary cyberpunk, and old games & toys.

I have *some* dev experience and have played tons of games, which helps me translate the mechanics of games into a discussion. I believe every game has something unique to share with the gaming community, and that’s why I love to write about them. You folks are amazing!

I hope you like it, and thanks for reading.

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Do you like my game dev tutorials? Check out my exclusive articles in my friends from Indie Game Picks’ book Into the Indies. I wrote a couple of articles about how indie devs can be realistic about their projects for the maximum reward with some obvious and some not-so-obvious–in fact, downright grounded–tips I think people should know before they get started.

If you enjoy my interactive fiction section, you might like to read ChoiceBeat: The Visual Novel and Interactive Fiction Zine. Look for me in Issues 4 & 5.

Iss. 4, Jun. ’22, NeuroNet: The Mendax Proxy, page 32: https://www.flipsnack.com/choicebeat/choicebeat-issue-4/full-view.html

Iss. 5, Sep ’22, OVERBOARD, page 30: https://www.flipsnack.com/choicebeat/choicebeat-issue-5/full-view.html

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You may see this logo in some of my articles. They have supported my content through stewardship and publicity of tons of showcases. It’s truly an amazing group, and they are a great team of content creators and moderators. You can learn more about them and see what they’re about here: https://twitter.com/IGCollective

And to end on a casual note, I also sort of/kind of took a throw at putting together my own solo-dev visual novel called Thank You, Mr. Bell. It’s a personal tribute to the historical inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

There is more about this project on this blog over at https://www.mrdavepizza.com/thank-you-mr-bell/

Thanks for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. 😊🍕