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  • Hollow Knight Logo

    Hollow Knight is Charmingly Spooky, and an Award-Winning Classic

    If you want a game not confined to an era or trend or anything really, you might want to check out Hollow Knight. Gamers have branded it indie without hesitancy, but it’s something much more than that. It manages to caste a dim light into the shadows left by predecessors In a world–run by bugs–in a dingy old cave: where despite a gloomy mournful environment lies adventure. Hollow Knight Takes You Into a…

  • hogwarts legacy herbology preview title

    I’ve Been Playing Hogwarts Legacy on Easy Mode and it’s GREAT!

    So, it’s finally here: Hogwarts Legacy. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for Potterheads since, well, pretty much always honestly. But it’s finally here, isn’t it? Something that once we ruminated on as a possibility actually exists now. I grabbed a little bit of gameplay way back in February, wondering if the storytelling was going to be up to par. Since then, I’ve picked it up again on console and I played it for…

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  • minecraft 100% pure popular video game survival craft

    Still Dropping into Minecraft to Check on my Farm

    Ah, yes, a glorious sunrise in Minecraft valley amongst the idling cattle, rolling waters, and orange pattern of rain among my hermitic existence in the randomly generated terrain. For the record, I don’t totally remember exactly what it was that I set out to do to do with all this stuff. There is definitely stuff in this game though–glorious stuff! First off, relax. Also, if you need to relax you might want to…

  • Bear & Breakfast Logo

    Bear & Breakfast is a Life Sim With All The BEAR Necessities!

    Finally, I sat down with the tremendous Bear & Breakfast, a game I’d wanted to try since last year. Now, my personal quest has resumed with a plunge headfirst into this BEARY good game. Here are my thoughts on all the vast building and crafting systems, quests, and exploration features that make this game so good. Not to mention the fantastic hand-drawn woodland setting and the game’s humble (and hilarious as it were)…

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  • DEMO

    Wanderful, is a Cozy Puzzle Strategy Game on The Horizon From “Tiny Roar”

    Daedelic Entertainment is a huge high-quality game publisher featuring a range of developers from small to major, including the new Gollum game and also Wanderful from the German developers Tiny Roar. I have my eye on this publisher as an unbiased indie gamer because while, yes, the smaller indie community is my foundation, I also like really good games. So, when you can, there’s a great game you need to try from them…

  • How to Limit Bandwidth

    Why I Intentionally Slow my Game Download Speed

    In this tutorial, I’ll quickly explain how to throttle bandwidth in popular apps like Google Chrome, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass. Most folks just want to download games and videos as fast as possible. However, if you are on a network that contains home devices, background apps, streaming services, and multiple people, this can slow everything down. I’ll share a few quick tricks to throttling bandwidth using a few settings in your Google…

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  • Spiritfarer Farewell Edition Review

    Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition is Excellence Beyond the Veil (I Finally Tried It)

    Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition touches my heart in a way that’s genuine and welcome. It’s one thing for a game to speak of the hereafter as a storyline, but another to make one truly wonder as this game does. It is also an excellent example of intentional gameplay that makes you want to keep going deeper and reveal all its fruits. I’ll share with you why Spiritfarer: Farewell Edition combines the deep spiritual context…

  • Nintendo Switch screenshots transfer to PC

    Nintendo Screenshot Transfer Guide For Those Who Want to Know

    Most devices with USB capability have almost complicit plug-and-play, the Nintendo Switch mostly does too–almost. In this brief tutorial, I’ll tell you how to transfer switch screenshots via USB with no problems. This includes videos captured onto the Switch as well. Let’s get started. The ability to transfer screenshots from the Nintendo Switch can be ironically confusing with all the support for social media the console has. There are a lot of content…

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  • Stardew Valley Beginner's Guide

    Beginner Guide – Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks, and SECRETS – Stardew Valley

    This article is my Stardew Valley Beginner Guide. Along with some quick beginner tips on the game, unravel the narrative a bit, and in the process, let me share some helpful lessons learned from playing the game. Whether you’re just starting out, or returning to the game, I’ll show you how life in Stardew Valley pans out from parsnips to star drops. So, without further ado, buckle your overalls, because we’re headed to…

  • Cult of the Lamb Review

    Cult of the Lamb Appeals To My Shadow Self

    I’ve been waiting way too long to try Cult of the Lamb. From its conceptual uniqueness to its popularity, I’ve been waiting (shudder.) I like to ask why people do certain things–like why everybody from a certain culture believes in the same thing but others don’t. OR: Why does this cute indie game exist about a tiny lamb who is forced to destroy hordes of cultists and collect woodland creature followers to build…