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By Night by John Allison and Christine Larsen: Volume 1: Review

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Jane Langstaff is a technician at a biomedical lab in Spectrum, South Dakota. Lately, she's been feeling things haven't panned out for her after college as much as she would have liked. In a turn of fate, she bumps into a somewhat estranged but best friend from high school, Heather Meadows. While in many ways things have changed significantly since they last saw each other, Jane and Heather find themselves into their old hijinks in a small-town night adventure with the aid of some plucked security keys at the Charleswood Estate within no time, although Jane might have some feelings of hesitancy about it. It doesn't take long before they discover something very mysterious, perhaps even mystical in the midnight of some urban exploration.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Volume 1 Review

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch (2019-) is a new comic book incarnation of the epic story settings of its namesake, written by author Kelly Thompson, artists Veronica Fish and Andy Fish, and letterer/author Jack Morelli. Readers can expect, delightfully, a contemporary imagining of the long-time universe of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, her two spell weaving aunts, and their speaking cat Salem, plus a whole ton of high school drama that is just as much a part of the series as anything. This review of Volume 1 covers issues #1-5 of this series, or in other words, Volume 1.

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BOOK: The Zen of Zombie: Review

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Zen of Zombie is a satirical self-help book published in 2007 about tips for better living in the metaphor of the zombie. Kenemore uses this raucous book to examine parallels between Zen psychology with the paradigm of zombie existentialism. Not just social or corporate zombies, although those are covered, but actual re-animated brain-eating zombies. Learn about 24 effective habits of zombies from persistence to free will to dealing government nerve agents. While the concept is totally hilarious, you might actually find some nuggets of wisdom in real life, if we are still doing that.

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