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List of Creative Writing Pieces by MrDavePizza

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    Galaxy’s Bloom (Original Short Sci-Fi Story) by Dave Pizza

    I watch as two passenger ships collide at the apex of the low orbit aurora borealis area of Polarisโ€™s relay planet. Both ships collapse, yet not, into each other in a strange caduceus of magic in the starry backdrop of the vesselsโ€™ course. The twisted coils of brass and flocked, black steel disappear. The ships vanish into a trapdoor in the universe. I sip, also, on weak fruit tea with my left hand. I mix some of my own herbs in--genuine, dried-up dream flowers from the Hilo K system that were resting in a jar at the bottom of my…

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    A Wizard In Need of a Refreshment (Original Flash Fiction)

    Prague Clock Wizards Hightower Flash Fiction

    Itโ€™s one thing to florally describe all the astrolabes, dusty old library books, and half-eaten tomato sandwiches in the wizard's quarters. Time is an illusion though, and his mother was calling him for lunch. So, the wizard, tall and messy, consumed by silvery pajamas, descended into the kitchen that morning. He thought this might happen, on this day of all days, such a perplexing dilemma and no simple course of action: there was only one pumpkin ginger beer left. Merlinโ€™s kidney's! What to do. Alas, the grilled cheese sandwiches and stew were epic and, no less, legendary. If only he…

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    The Christmas Power Glove (A Silly Flash Fiction)

    Power Glove Ad Screen

    I could do anything with the Christmas Power Glove. Decorate trees, bake gingerbread cookies, send letters to Santaโ€ฆ inscribe my name on the moon. Woah, wait a minute, Iโ€™m letting this get to my head, itโ€™s too much. Iโ€™m not saying Iโ€™m blaming him, but I had a bad feeling when the glove shot 10-foot streams of fire and melted the snowman someone had made behind my car on the driveway. His carrot nose looked like a burnt hot dog. I knew we weren't dealing with some ho-ho-homemade electronics projects, the Christmas Power Glove was bad, so bad. It made…