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UFOs Miracle of the Unknown: VHS Review

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Okay, it's official, ViCtoRia the VCR is ONLINE. This idea came to me in a late-night deep meditation. I was thinking: what can I do that's a cut above the rest? My Ancient Aliens review was a blast. Perhaps I could find something that would be a little less obvious. So, anyway, here it is. I got this RCA VCR on eBay as well as a few VHS tapes to test and I got started. Out of sentimentality, I am continuing the UFO theme with a two-tape set documentary called UFOs Miracle of the Unknown. It was more interesting than I had anticipated.

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Viva Amiga: DVD Documentary: Review

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I started computing around the time that the Amiga crossed over into cult following--or so I learned when watching this. I've always had a casual interest in retro computing in addition to gaming. I even have an Apple ][ in my possession and have visited my share of BBS back in the day. I'd honestly never heard of the Amiga though until I checked out this documentary called Viva Amiga. Let's talk about it.

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Best of Ancient Aliens: DVD Review

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So, I've been wanting to sit down with this show and see what it was all about kind of recently when I was working on my space theme. If you're unfamiliar with the Ancient Aliens program from History Channel, let me explain it a bit--most likely you know of it though. The idea is to take a regular historical documentary, throw in a thesis that aliens actually had a major role in ancient civilizations on Earth, then sit back as an eccentric level ensemble of experts deconstruct your entire reality, and it is epic.

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