This is where I let loose and talk about other hobbies, behind-the-scenes stuff, and other fun stuff. I haven’t updated this for a while, but I am going to start again soon–promise! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…or do!

P.S. I’m incredibly active on Twitter @MrDavePizza. Most of my updates are there, however, this is the spot for more tangential posts!

Space Games & Casual Blog Stuff 🍕

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When I first started blogging in a format similar to this, it was probably a decade ago on a very short-lived Blogspot that I abandoned after the purpose it served was fulfilled. I really wanted to start this specific blog to rekindle that sensation, the writing part that is. I've figured out that I can write about games nonstop and if I really want people to read more, it's not that hard. At some point, I might try to even advertise outside of social media, if it seems the right thing too. You guys have been so awesome in helping me start this dream though, so I have a pretty decent-sized and quality list of followers and readers. It is amazing to experience.

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Drawing + “Patchless” PizzaPost 🍕

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Patchless is about how I feel when I play any game that frustrates oneself to no end because of inconsistent mechanics. Fortunately, this is intentional in this game. I don't really have much to say on it; the 8-bit music is good although a little wonky, glowy black screen background which reminds me of level 5 in Super Mario Bros, which is enchanting in its own right. This is kind of what you might expect from a game jam in some experiences. It's pretty good. Simple, but satisfactory. Unfortunately, it wasn't simple enough for me because I got really confused after about 5 minutes.

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