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Chronology: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

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This one’s a real treat. In my quest to document cheap games that are high quality, I am here to showcase today’s PC Game titled “Chronology.” Once again, I snagged this title from Steam for a meager $0.49. Booyah! When you start playing new games all the time, you start to notice themes and design aspects from the description. So I can pretty much guess what I’m in for and/or if the game is worth a purchase click.

This game met my expectations. Also, it was released in 2014! WHAT. That’s some high caliber design, right?

So, you start off as a short in stature, accented professor with gnomish qualities. Honestly, if you want to just jump in now and play that’s all you really need to know. But for the purpose of a true proper treatise on the subject, I’ll expand. 

So, there’s not a ton of back story in the beginning, not sure if there’s more later on, but you’re just this little professor dude wandering through the woods, side scrolling through clockpunk lattices with a little invention you acquire almost straight away. When you do, you realize there’s more to this game than meets the eye, literally.

Chronology: It’s About Time

This mechanic of instantaneous time travel to overcome obstacles is a familiar one. It has showed up in different titles, Prince of Persia being one, where you can turn the sands of time. I’ve always liked time travel as a plot tool, because it’s just something which translates well for my imagination. Your flux capacitor may vary. It works really nice here, since there’s no difficult timeline offshots or anything, the dynamic is very clear.

I played a few levels anyways, and I think this game really has held up. I find the puzzles kind in their level of complexity where it meets my competency. The first time I moved a plant a few feet over, then turned the time machine forward, my jaw dropped when I realized what was going on, I was replanting the tree so I could climb it in the future. 

Chronology Indie Game Review

Time’s Up

I was relieved when I interacted with the first human, because I was starting to think it was going to be another one of those stranded in dystopia kinda deals, which is fine, but I was glad the upbeat humanity in this would be continuing. The dry humor and preview of what’s to come was very promising!

I don’t know how much to say about this game really since it was dirt cheap. I like it, a lot. The fact that manipulating time is essential to gameplay almost makes it feel like you’re playing two games at once. The last area I made it to was pretty awesome and, with subtle eye-widening, a little daunting, but that’s okay. I learned from this experience that there were ways to engage the player using unexpected mobility mechanics that are sure to delight, as if they were magic!

Anyway, the game is great. The developers have another game out now called Figment, also on Steam. I suspect it’s high quality if it’s like this one. This game was totally worth it. Follow the link below to this game, Chronology, or find either on the Steam store.

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