Cosmo’s Quickstop is The Best, Alien Roleplay Co-Op

Cosmo’s Quickstop is a hilarious new game out about an alien family who runs a gas station in outer space. It’s your job to learn how to run things pretty much by yourself unless you’re playing co-op. The game displays an absolutely fun design direction, with chunky colorful spaceship interiors and holographic control screens for tasks.

It also has a goofy fun bug-eyed alien cast which reminds me of the excellent TV show Tripping the Rift. This may or may not be an inspiration, but it’s a fun reference point either way. While you play, your new home is chock full of customer maintenance borderline crises that will have you chortling while you rush to keep up.

I am loving this, so let’s take a closer look.

This showcase is possible thanks to the collaboration of Indie Game Collective and Big Sir Games.

Life at Cosmo’s Quickstop

Welcome to this showcase. I am so pleased to present this game to you for several reasons. This past winter, the demo for this game crossed paths with me, and I put together a review for it. I have eagerly anticipated its release. There are a few gems from that original review, but mostly I have so much more to say this time around. I’m delighted to be back in Cosmo’s Quickstop. Full disclosure, this game is very similar to a job I actually had aside from being in outer space. The main draw, however, is the design and fast-paced chuckles. I’d have no problem recommending this game for any age range still, but it does contain some challenges!

There are a few basic tasks you start with. Pump fuel, spaceship wash, help navigate, evade asteroids, and depart. You can play with a mouse or a controller, one player, or in local two-player mode. Tasks are fulfilled using button combos or analog-stick/clicking. Although combos themselves have more to do with departing multiple ships at once. When you level up, you start to have to deal with something called glorp. Oh man, hold your nose, ’cause this stuff is basically bathroom slime from the alien customers. The sound it makes it when you clean the glorp areas will make you gag and laugh at the same time.

You might think that you’d be walking around on the ship hull or something in the setting of space, but everything is quite comfortable inside the fuel station. There’s something about the style and music inside Cosmo’s Quickstop which makes me quite comfortable during its challenges. Perhaps due to my former job, this feels so familiar, but really, overall it’s a fantastic concept.

Features of Cosmo’s Quickstop

Here is a very thorough feature list for Cosmo’s Quickstop:

  • Fast-paced, intense, and addictive gameplay.
  • Time-management style challenges, where deceptively simple mini-games snowball into a race against time to keep customers happy.
  • A lengthy campaign mode, where you can start at the bottom and build up your Quickstop while overcoming the challenges rivals throw at you.
  • Three progressively bigger station layouts, 19+ unique and swappable amenities, and over 75 upgrades.
  • Boss fights, special “Alien” days, and hand-animated cutscenes keep the story fresh.
  • Several high-score game modes with varying difficulty, along with local leaderboards.
  • An unforgettable cast of original characters, including station manager Morvin, sketchy Uncle Cosmo, and demanding alien customers.
  • Single and local 2-player co-op.
  • 3D animated with a colorful and hilarious “gas station in space” setting

The upgrade system is a mechanic of Cosmo’s Quickstop that has a ton of content.

Cosmo’s Quickstop: A Space Oddysey

When I first started writing for Mr. Dave Pizza, I had to search high and low for good demos or anything available to a lowly beginner reviewer. Now I’m playing the full release of this game, and it’s symbolic or something. I used to watch videos of me playing it over and over. Okay, I guess that’s kind of weird. All I’m saying is I’m happy to visit this friend again, and I mean it.

It is a bit challenging to stay on task and not go down in chaotic flames, but the challenge is reasonable, and I never really felt that things were impossible. There is an instant gratification factor involving memorizing patterns. Pumping the gas with a controller or mouth both lead to muscle memory that will improve your skill as you go along, If you are a fan of typing games or rhythm waterfalls, or any sort of button combination game, this is your kinda game. I’d recommend it to anybody though.

Clock Out

In addition to all of the strategizing, everything can be just downright hilarious in this game, and I give it my full approval. Be sure to check it out.

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This game is available on Steam:

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