Doubts is A Surprisingly Great Little Visual Novel

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Doubts is a short interactive fiction game from a talented solo developer & German artist, Fulmen. Play the role of Gerda, a woman in 1926 Berlin, Germany. She is a runaway with her boyfriend and is by herself during her boyfriend, Joseph’s, temporary absence. She contemplates her surroundings and decisions in a session of examining items around their hotel room while he is away. Without certainty, she wonders if her decision to be with Joseph is such a good idea.

Doubts: Who Is Joseph?

First of all, when it comes to puzzles, I always say this, but I’m awful at them! I wonder quite a bit if this is my own doing or the intended reaction sometimes. I used cheat codes on Myst, alright!? Okay, who didn’t, but some are better at it. Like that puzzle in front of Langley that offers fame and fortune to whoever solves it. I think I read somebody did actually solve it, but I can’t recall.

Anyway, I did not solve what the mystery was in this game–or maybe I did–but I did adore it. The stylized environment is absolutely perfect. Even though the game provides a max of around twenty minutes of gameplay, it’s wonderful.

Sometimes, I play games that really appeal to me, because they help me remember something I don’t necessarily want to write about. Some years ago, I traveled across the country though, and this game kind of reminds me of it, in many, many ways. Although I wasn’t running away from anything, let alone in 1926 Berlin.

That said, this is a wonderful depiction of that environment. I really liked the slight sepia/salmon tint to everything and the cartoonish but historically accurate items throughout the room. This is really high quality. Even if I don’t know the full story here, I take joy in the visual presentation.

Doubts: Troubling Metaphor

I felt bad for Gerda. She seemed an optimistic, reserved woman who was only hoping for the best, and Joseph probably capitalized on that. I hate seeing women taken advantage of, even in fiction. Storytelling has long depicted the bastards of times past in many fashions. Things have changed in some ways and others not. I have many thoughts on this, but that’s what you’ll need to understand with this type of story.

Anyway, I think you can see why this game is intriguing to me and ultimately captivating. I just really was able to get immersed in it from the illustration to the dialogue bars with Gerda’s thoughts on what she discovered. Very strong character development! Back in Gerda’s day she probably had just about no choice in her future. Even the optimism she exudes seems to be tainted by this very impossible situation.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in checking this out, which you should, I will provide the link below. There are a couple of games from the developer, and they seem to be chugging them out, so maybe keep an eye on this one.

This game plays for around 10-20 minutes, depending on how much you explore, but it’s worth your time.

I hope that this will bring attention to the dev. is a provider of indie game monetizing, but the game is free. If you’re able to contribute a dollar or so to this developer, I’m sure they will appreciate it. Otherwise, give them a shout-out.

I hope you enjoyed this review on There are many games like this (and others) around my site, so have a look around and reach as much as you like. Thanks for reading!

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