Exoblast is Basically Cyberpunk Pong


Exoblast is basically a very extreme version of pong. Made by the French developer DreamIRL Games, it hit Steam last month and is free as of version 1.0. You control a machine slider in charge of one side of the screen playing against either an AI or another player (there seems to be a function for online mode too.)

It’s got some great gameplay and as far as pong goes, might be the most industrial pixel art feast for the eyes in all of the pong kingdom. I have no reason to mention it other than I found it pretty interesting and played it for a little while to see how good I could get at it.

So, anyway, let me just show you.

Multiplayer Gameplay

The original style of this type of game is expanded upon with the ability to shoot plasma at the other side of the screen, distracting or even disabling the enemy player. It’s loaded with all sorts of cyberpunk aesthetics and is quite fun actually. It is also capable of full controller support.

It’s pixel art and very visually stimulating to the extent that it’s got some industrial qualities to it that are a tad shadowy, such as some, er, interesting graphics.

Overall, I thought this was really, really fun as far as freebies go and were surprised I didn’t see it talked about much elsewhere.

If you like pong, air hockey, or whatever you have in mind like that, this has those features, so I recommend it to you.

That’s it For Exoblast Talk

Anyway, this is a brief review, and I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a ship passing in the night kind of post and re-visit, as I’m doing with all of my posts now. So, who knows, keep an eye on this website, and you might find your next hidden gem. Thanks for reading Mr. Dave Pizza.

Find it here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/725100/Exoblast/

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