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Indie Games (90)

These are reviews of indie games that were released before I played them. Generally prominent and well-received. Usually what you could consider a finished game.

Demos (21)

These are demos of games that weren’t out yet but posted free previews for review before the release.

Previews (27)

These are indie games that were in development when I wrote about them. Otherwise known as “previews.” So basically not released yet, demos, betas, etc. Some of them have been released by now. Someday I’ll determine which ones.

Visual Novels (32)

Here are some of my favorite visual novels! These are somewhere between a game and a story and usually have story-rich narratives and lots of dialogue. Not to be confused with comics or graphic novels.

Mainstream Faves (13)

Guilty as charged. There are plenty of mainstream games I love! Not really considered indie, but I still like them.

Free Games (10)

These are reviews of actual free games, mostly indie, that are totally legit, free, and, in my opinion, fairly decent. Links to games are in each review. I plan to expand this list as much as I can.

Miscellaneous (13)

These are games that are hard to categorize but worth mentioning! Honestly, this section needs more oddities soon, it’s a fun topic.

Lists (15)

These are lists I’ve made of certain game categories. Probably the only place you’ll find Android games here, but there are some good ones!