Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue is a Neat 2.5D French Firefighting Game

The idea behind Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue is in the title, Firegirl. I find myself drawn to this game due to its slight quirk and frank concept. But the game deserves a little more credit than assuming the entire plot is based on a conjunction of the words “fire” and “girl.”

Although you are exactly that in the game, Firegirl is the type of game that should have been made, conceptually, at least in the 90s. But three decades later, here it is with a shiny package. Classic nods from many of the old-school NES-style games are here though, and the rest of the characters are brash and slightly exaggerated. I like this a lot.

There’s not a heap of complexity to this platformer, but it is fun, and I’ll run you through some features.

This game is available on Steam.

Missions in Firegirl

The idea is simple. You have a water pack and an ax. Breakthrough doors and debris to get through hotels, apartment blocks, forests, and hotels to rescue citizens in the blazing inferno that is on each level. Your water pack knocks down flames and other firey monsters. Importantly, your pack also allows you to blast off into stairwells or collapsed floors to move upward or across gasps. This last feature is pretty darn fun and helps display the innovation of the game.

As you conquer massive fires and rescue citizens, you become eligible for awards and prizes that help you upgrade your fire station or buy new equipment. There’s not a whole lot of pressure to be perfect at this since it is essentially a rogue-like, but I discovered that there were still rewards even for a failed mission.

With the combination of old-school art, mixed with streamlined graphics plus environments, the game feels really sophisticated for an indie. Environments are side-scrolled, but the depth of floors and open spaces creates more of a 2.5-dimensional style.

Clearing the Air

Fire is not necessarily everybody’s favorite topic, but lots of games are based on things that are just as real as anything else but don’t get a lot of coverage. Actually, this spin on the heroic platformer theme works for me, because I’ve always respected firefighters and have honestly wanted a game like this.

The game is really quick to progress through, but the gameplay is endless. Missions are procedurally generated but have a lot of character from what I have observed in other screenshots. I think the missions are fun and dynamic.

The game is in a mid-range category of indie releases, but with the quality of the art and the continued support, it is priced for value.

Where to get Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue

I have a link to the Steam Store page below here. If you like the game, maybe leave a positive review. If you wanted to buy this game but weren’t sure, I’m here to confirm this game is ready to go.

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