Android Games I Found Out About on Twitter!

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Alright, people, it’s time to adore some Free Android games. I suppose I should have anticipated this but I’ve had a good chunk of people on Twitter asking if I’d check out their game. Some just have it linked on their profile so that works too. So, I wanted to not be a flake though and check some out. Here are some Android games (also known as Google Play) from the people, cats, and mechanoids of Twitter. I’ll list Google and Twitter pages for each game. Enjoy.

Android Game: Slime Diet Saga

Okay, actually I hunted this one down with the Mr. Pizza dowsing paddle. It’s really great though. You can’t always anticipate anything when you stumble onto a random game like this. I loved the swiping gesture advancement. It is quick and responsive too. Sometimes these mechanics get bogged down, but Slime Diet Saga runs smooth as a bowl of jelly. As for the plot? It’s about a ball of slime on a diet… okay, whatever, that’s fine! This game is cool.


Android Game: Swoopy Boi

You control magpies and the comfort of a busy street somewhere in Australia I guess. This is funny and relatable to some. Magpies are known for being, er, annoying. Not surprised there, although I don’t know that I’ve spent much time around them. It is common to hear stories though. I remember a video I saw of a woman who made a special bicycle helmet for fending off magpies. Unfortunately it failed which lead to some passionate distress–and sorry, very hilarious entertainment too. She was okay. Anyway, moving on!


Word Mastermind

The creator of this game is so kind. I featured this on my feed, and was given so much reciprocity. You type a word, the letters which are accurate will turn orange if it one of the letters in the word, green if you put it in the right space, and red if neither. It can actually be very fun and gives you enough to get your brain working without stressing out.


Dream a Little Dream

Interacted with this creator recently. This game is so surprising and shows what you can do with some pink backdrops and a waterfall of pixelart clouds. You slide around the cat napping in a mystical sky palace. If you are consistent, you can glide gracefully indefinitely. There is a premium version of this too.

Free with ads:

$1 without ads:



This is a title from the indie developer Demberg Studios. I really liked this one in the way where I actually met the equilibrium between my own ability met with feasible challenge! There’s a similar mechanic to this puzzle that I encountered in the Nintendo game Captain Toad where you use logic to navigate two Toads on a map. It’s a pretty neat type of challenge when you spend some time it. You’ll love the way these puzzles work. I really enjoyed HiVeMiND.


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