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I’ll just share a few moments with you and drop the beat on some visual novel dev stuff. I’m having a lot of fun with these Browser games on Itch.IO. Just open the link and play, it’s a good format. This morning I tried one called “This Is Your Life Now.” It’s a simple sidescroller where you play a character from birth to old age. As you progress along the platform to the right you have opportunities to try or reject new things. Depending on your choice certain outcomes either manifest or do not later on. It’s a little depressing but pretty unique in concept. Although, I admit that this is a hyper-simple version of another game I have some time with called The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante.

I’m always in awe at the deep existential themes that can occur in video games or any story. I think it proves that this is a serious medium. I am on an empathic vibe for the past week for some reason, so as is normal recently I felt an insistence to be receptive. Nobody needs to do that though, here’s a link to the game and a gameplay video below:

The game takes 5 minutes. The result for me is I have a house, a car, 99 problems, freedom, inner peace, and that’s about it. Figures.

Visual Novel Dev: Character Customization

Other notes for today, did some preliminary research on visual novel creation using Ren’Py. This seems like it’s going to be the way to go. If you’re wondering, Ren’Py is a visual novel creation software. I investigated GoDot because I have some minimal experience in that so far, but apparently, Ren’Py streamlines a lot of those ideas into a fully-contained software. There are certainly tutorials on it, but not as vast as for engines like Unity. Anything, if it were to be something purchased for the game, would be a voice-over. There is much you can do with a blip and bloop sound though in my research!

As far as graphic art, I’m not the worst artist and could probably create most representations with interesting stock backgrounds and my Wacom. There are some pretty interesting character creators on Itch.IO, like these ones below, and one doesn’t need to look too far for backgrounds that can be manipulated and contorted for whatever need, although I’m pretty consistent in confirming copyright after scared straight sessions in college. I’d like to create something meaningful with one of these, who knows though maybe I’ll get 99 problems. Whatever, I’m just here to have fun, mostly.

I realize this is pretty basic information, although maybe it will help you. I will post more as I learn more.

Thanks for reading MrDavePizza!