Hip Witch is a Simple Groovy Magic Cozy Game

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Hip Witch is a free adventure game released on Steam this week by developer Studio Hip Sword. The environment is handmade, and the storyline involves a lost young witch boarding in a state park, where she begins a quest to investigate odd happenings on the park’s grounds. It is playable with a controller or keyboard and is short but charming and cozy met with positive reviews.

Gameplay in Hip Witch: You Got Spells, Man?

Hip Witch is a cozy little indie with reminiscence of games like A Short Hike and other outdoor-themed video games. Everything is hand-drawn giving it the DIY credit dev’s crave (Hip Witch has what devs crave–sorry.) I wouldn’t so readily lump it into a generic term like indie, but to appreciate this game is to go slightly beyond its features of it and realize that it’s a neat idea. I liked the hidden object genre aspect of it though. It’s not just a mere Where’s Waldo with hippies adventure, it’s actually got some pretty cool interactivity that’s not common in this type of game. As you explore the campgrounds you’ll unravel various secrets about why things seem untended to, and also interact with interesting characters.

It’s Free, I Played it, Not Bad!

Yeah, I did like this one. There’s no need to say one player can only play one game. Even though I have a fervent appetite for games to write about, this one was very neat and I liked what it was going for. If you to like the looks of this game, be sure to check out the link to it on Steam below. Otherwise, thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I hope you like reading about the games I play here, and if you do please take as much time as you’d like diving into the archives! Peace. The game is available from Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1701460/HipWitch/

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