Mini Racing World is one of the Most Unique New Racing Games Out There

Mini Racing World is a newly released game that fits comfortably into the big leagues of indie racer games. As you may know about me, but probably not, I’m quite fond of low poly racing games. There are not a lot of options available for this genre, so it is refreshing to see this out there. Mini Racing World is an indie race circuit and stunt track game with an emphasis on style with a generous margin for skill tiers.

Customize your vehicle, hone your talent, and progress through a variety of tracks to play. Developers call driving in this game easy to control, and difficult to master. That’s just about right. So, let’s get started and I’ll tell you all about it.

This review is a showcase made in collaboration with Indie Game Collective and the game developer, Kitty in A Box. Thanks!

Assessment of Mini Racing World

Life in Mini Racing World starts in the intro tutorial area. There’s no rush to learn everything right away. In fact, you can wing the whole tutorial and still get to the live-action scenarios wherever your skill level is. It’s not unhelpful to read the tips painted onto the pavement of the tutorial track though and try things out. If you need a helpful tip, the controls are: accelerate, steer, brake, reverse, drift, spin, and nitro. Having nitro on its own is pretty cool since it gives the player an edge. I also like the ability to rack up points doing spins off a ramp too; it’s like combining Olympic skiing with race cars! FYI, this works great on a controller.

The controls are, hmm, tight. I noticed when doing donuts around an obstacle that you can spin around with just steering, or you can drift and spin a compact area. Turns take a little foresight, but can easily be managed in a way that’s challenging but intentional. The race circuits are the best practice for this. And on that note, the races are not simple cruise control. Actually, the NPC racers are very realistic and put on a challenge.

What is it About Racing Games?

The low poly design gives Mini Racing World a clean, fun, kind of cartoony look that is incorporated into the various themes of the game. Therefore, you can choose and customize your car, but the options are classy low poly models that are stylish but low-key. It reminds me of another low poly racer I’ve reviewed called Art Of Rally, which is more about rally racing and history, but this is more about circuit racing and stunts I’d say. They are comparable games but different experiences really.

You don’t really have to be a car nut to play racing games like this. There is a precedent for car nut games and realistic tracks out there, but for me, it’s just drifting through a familiar track while I take a breather. It’s also a unique genre due to its interesting disposition toward action-based gaming, just because of the inherent action of racing strategy.

I like that Mini Racing World has fun with the racing concept and balances challenges with the reward of experimentation. There’s something to sink your teeth into, and that is appreciated.

Final Thoughts on Mini Racing World

I know there are going to be people looking for this exact game, I know it. If you were looking for an indie kart racer, this might do the trick for you too. I can guarantee this is something that’s been needed. So, if you’re ready to burn some rubber and hit the track, here’s a fine challenge to be had. Also, I think this is a very reasonable price for this game too! So, head to the Steam link if you are ready to purchase!

That’s what we’ve got for you today. I hope you enjoy the content of this review. And I hope you enjoy the game! I have included the download link below. Thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I’ve got new content for you all the time, so have a look around, and please come back!

Mini Racing World is on Steam now:

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