Necrow Co. is a Fun Little Platformer

If this headline doesn’t raise an eyebrow, then stick with two, because this article is tapping into some unexplored territory with the game Necrow Co. by creator Zahran Worell. The game Necrow Co. is a 2D pixel platformer, playable with either a controller or keyboard.

It’s a light narrative about a crow who starts work for a company of reapers, featuring a cozy skeleton psychopomp grim dispatching you to a national park filled with spookies, squishies, and don’t-touchies (terms coined on our end.) Abilities are basic: move left and right, jump, and shoot a sort-of crow song wave that disables mobs. Necrow Co. is a charming adventure, and despite the grim theme, fairly soft on the player. Let’s take a look.

This game is available on Itch.IO.

First Impressions of Necrow Co.

You might be a bit surprised to find out out Necrow Co., in all its Gameboy glory 2D format, is a fairly dynamic game. Crow flight is reliable with a few tappable boosts into the air, making platform jumping reliable and engaging. this goes the same for dispelling enemies along the path. Also, looking at this game is a treat, along with the upbeat chiptune music in the background. The theme is an eyegrabber, but what you’ll find here is a simple and fun game that’s not too stressful.

Take note, the game has a nice aesthetic ability that allows you to switch color schemes of the game with the tap of the spacebar or the select button to change from grayscale nether vibes to a warm tropical pallet. It’s honestly beautiful and simple. It’s A Short Hike for soul-reaping crows, but not, although those big-eyed pixel birds are quite endearing. And as a bird empath, you must know that crows, as brooding as they are, are very kind birds and one reason to like this game’s theme.

Necrow Co. Screen

Features of Necrow Co.

  • Keyboard controls, controller support, and mappable keys
  • Multi-level gameplay
  • Swap palettes at will
  • Original soundtrack, which is found on the ItchIO
  • Amusing, light-hearted narrative
  • Soul-reaping (in the form of wispy sprites)

How This Game Makes Me Feel

Occasionally, I find myself drawn to playful themes of the macabre. This here is no exception. Aside from the actual theme, however, the gameplay is fun and chipper. The two-dimensional GameBoy pallete and pleasant music make this a stress-free environment. Notice: Necrow Co. is a JAM project made in 11 days. If you’d like something to play that’s challenging enough to be invested in but simple enough to feel engaged, please check this out.

Check it Out

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