Octarina, A Game About an Octopus Trapped in a Sushi Factory


Octarina is a physics puzzle game about an octopus escaping a sushi factory (don’t worry, you’re on the side of the octopus!) Using your squiggly limbs and momentum, propel yourself around the interior of the factory with the intention of escaping. You can use suction cups to climb structures and hurl objects at switches to reverse conveyor belts and such.


There are three modes: speed mode, story mode, and “the floor is lava.” Despite the dire situation, the game is pretty pleasant and amusing. The graphics and art style are spot on, making use of mid-range graphics cards, which I confirmed on my desktop build. It’s best played with a controller in my opinion. The story is short and sweet, but this is a free game that rewards you for wanting straight-to-the-point gameplay to appreciate its concept.

Other Notes

The game is from an academic dev at FH Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, which has some other projects out too. If you want to learn more about them, check out https://octarina.netlify.app/ This game was covered by the excellent Pengy on her own Friday Free Game series over on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/real_pengy.


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