• Inkbound Blog Review

    Inkbound is a Fantastic Indie MMO & Magical Rogue-Like You’ll Love!

    MMORPGs get tossed into the indie content spin room all the time these days, generally with a slight irreverence. Inkbound is different though, it has A LOT of potential. I sat down with the game at my PC to test out a new character in this magical book-themed MMO. Is Inkbound actually “a world” yet? Yes–and a plentiful one–which I’m still exploring the depths of. A couple of important facts: This early access…

  • Black Skylands Preview

    Revisiting: Black Skylands – an Amazing Accomplishment in Game Design

    Black Skylands is an immersive fantasy skypunk RPG that takes place in the colorful airborne landscapes of another world. As an indie gamer, this is indeed one of the most optimistic projects I’ve looked at, and yet very promising indeed. Take the helm of a family airship and float between islands in the sky to claim your stake. I revisited this game in 2023 after a couple of years to see how it…

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  • Potion Craft Tutorial

    Potion Craft Tips, Tricks, and Secrets You Need

    Getting started with Potion Craft can be intriguing and fun but also confusing–by nature. The game features role playing game elements mixed with strategy and casual gameplay. It’s one of the hottest games out there for alchemy sims, but quickly has become a diverse favorite for gamers. I’ve taken some time to compile some tips and tricks I think are essential to the full release version of this game and will guide you…