Going Under: Internships are Heck

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Going Under: The stylistic, colorful, satirical beat ’em up from Aggrocrab Games. Here we go again. I am officially hooked on Going Under. Snagging it quickly on release day, I have some observations on what this is all about, and I like it. Mainly that it looks great and is very tongue-in-cheek hilarious in addressing some very thematic cultural themes in business.

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Haunt The House: Terrortown. Spooky–not scary!

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This review was written last year but is still a fine suggestion for Halloween, which will probably be my only focus for the next few posts. I wanted to offer something that is compatible with whatever affectation you have this All Hallows Eve, so I stumbled upon a game called Haunt the House: Terrortown. Or rather it popped up on my Steam store (although, bonus: it's on macOS too!) It's basically a borderline Tim Burton funhouse-style game. Your mission, as the protagonist cartoony ghost, is to possess items throughout four moderately-sized levels. Try to scare as many NPC characters as possible by spinning around paintings or making decorations walk around. Nearly everything is interactable too, which has always been a plus for me in games.

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