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When I first started blogging in a format similar to this, it was probably a decade ago on a very short-lived Blogspot that I abandoned after the purpose it served was fulfilled. I really wanted to start this specific blog to rekindle that sensation, the writing part that is. I’ve figured out that I can write about games nonstop and if I really want people to read more, it’s not that hard. At some point, I might try to even advertise outside of social media, if it seems the right thing too. You guys have been so awesome in helping me start this dream though, so I have a pretty decent-sized and quality list of followers and readers. It is amazing to experience. Okay, let’s mingle some site changes and a recent passion: space games.

Space Games, the Final Frontier

space games star wars squadrons

Stumbled onto a healthy recommendation for you guys. Not exactly under the usual umbrella of indie games specifically, but in general an earnest creative game that’s loads of fun. Y-Wing, Tie-Fighter, what have you, I’m talking about Star Wars: Squadrons.

When I first played this game, it was kind of fun but hogged my computer resources in a kind of not-cool way. The most recent version, however, runs excellently. I didn’t update my graphics card, but the graphics seem to look even better than before. There have been a few changes, one of the major ones being an upgrade to an SSD drive, but also my Bluetooth controller was causing issues with my Wi-Fi. Both have been remedied. I really think the game has been patched for epicness though because it runs as if it wants to be the best game I’ve ever played. I admit I am still a little perplexed about the story mode campaign. This might be the pivotal moment when I start taking more time with my games.

What’s up with Mr. Dave Pizza?

I just realized that this is a golden opportunity for me to talk about some things at this site that just don’t fit into the regular review. So, as you might guess, I am able to keep track of how many people visit the site since I own the domain. I noticed that when I post a review every day, I get bonkers numbers. That’s good. Unfortunately, sometimes this makes me go bonkers. It’s not that I dislike it, but cutting a portion out of every day to spend multiple hours reviewing a game is HARD! (Er, actually, sometimes it is quite easy and it is usually enjoyable, but committing to it every day rustles my jimmies, and they’re still rustling.) If you are starting your own blog, consider this reality.

This is one reason I like the Pizza Post format I started. For some time, I have been able to just write off the top of my head without thinking about it too much. I learned how to do this in college. Also–ironically–I sometimes find it easier to play a game longer than I do for these reviews. There’s less pressure and I can take my time. Plus there’s usually more to talk about. I quite enjoyed doing the review for Surviving Mars, because I played it for around two hours with no rush. Also, it was a darn fine game, but either way.

If two hours plus time to write doesn’t seem like enough, perhaps you see my point. It’s just me here, although I would never beg for views or anything, if you like what you see just stop back now and then. Luckily my internal dialogue is bursting after a couple of days, so I could never go too long without saying something.

Write Pizza Write, Space Games Inferno

One thing I’ve wanted to start doing with this site is providing game news. Good thing my nerddom hasn’t dropped pressure over this 15-word sojourn. As I had mentioned on my site and Twitter recently, I am spending some time focusing on one of my lifelong passions, which is space exploration. Space games, or games about space, are a really nice way to explore this topic without having to, you know, become an astronaut or something.

While some media in this genre or topic certainly is heavy on engineering and math, it is the science-fiction aspect that deals with the human aspect of space exploration. I’ve spent time on Genesis Noir, a quantum physics noir detective story, and Surviving Mars the other day. I have some more games lined up. But let’s take a moment and check out some space games coming out later this year that are SUPER INDIE and still part of the topic I’m working on. This post’s mana is full.

Intergalactic Pawn Shop

Trading sims are one of my favorite genres. Honestly, I haven’t played a lot of them which seems to upend that, but shopping is fun, especially in space. So, Intergalactic Pawn Shop is my bag. It also has some excellent story-telling aspects it looks like, and the pixel art is right on. I’ve got my eye on this one, and I’ll be certain to try it out. The steam link below for your wish list and more info:

Solar Echoes: the Star Legion

I can’t believe it. A new space exploration visual novel scheduled for release. I thought visual novels and I were going to be taking a break for some time. If you didn’t know, I love visual novels. Honestly, this looks like so much fun. And, since there’s a demo, you’re probably not going to have to wait too long before I try it.

Okay, That’s Good

That felt great. A real blog post with no rush and flowing topics. I will try to include game topics like this in the future. It’s easier than pumping out a full review but is also something I should be doing anyway.

Thanks for reading my site If you came for the games, they’re everywhere. Read as much as you like, it is free!

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