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patchless game review
drawing goblin
drawing practice goblin

As I’ve been writing about, I’m still in some brainstorming stages of a visual novel. I saw a post on Reddit about spending 15 minutes a day practicing, with a disclaimer that after 15 minutes you’ll want to draw all the time. That’s one thing I’ve always liked about drawing, it’s a relationship between you and the sketchpad but between you, you can create worlds. Same for writing really.

Anyway, I started off with this dude on the right here with the hat. I was feeling kind of rusty so when my attempt at drawing hair went awry, I decided to take my original intention and convert him into a spinning Gurdjieff dancer. If you don’t know what that is, seriously don’t worry. It’s a spiritual practice in Hungary that I used to see mentioned a lot of places until I sat down with a video. You might find some examples on YouTube if you’re really curious.

Drawing for 15 Minutes

drawing gurdjieff
drawing practice gurdjieff

After 15 minutes, I was pretty proud of myself. It looks crude and kinda weird but for 15 minutes not so bad! I did attempt to go overboard and color him in in Aseprite, where I drew it, I soon realized it was going to take more of a commitment than I honestly had to it. I know these drawings aren’t amazing, the process is what I want to share though.

Next up, I just did this guy in the middle. He sort of went from a Scandinavian fella into a half-goblin, or Roger from Doug if you want to get real. Anyway, in this one, which I drew in Gimp with my tablet (as all of these), I decided to draw a cross over the face. I’ve seen a lot of good artists do this so I decided to try it out. It really helped me balance out the features and stay on track. I will definitely be using that technique again. I did not spend much time on him either, I just wanted an example. The lapping fabric beneath his chin was my attempt at a scarf, it could be anything though.

Also, I decided to add this drawing on the left. She’s probably the closest connection to my VN story that I’ve worked on in recent times. Notice the heart glasses. She looks kind of Nickelodeon style herself, but I do not mind how she turned out. Kind o fun to look at. I keep drawing bolo ties too, I don’t know why, but it’s a nice personal item to add that will stop me from drawing neckties.

drawing heart glasses sketch
drawing practice elf

Bonus Indie Game: Patchless

Patchless is about how I feel when I play any game that frustrates me to no end because of inconsistent mechanics. Fortunately, this is intentional in this game. I don’t really have much to say on it; the 8-bit music is good although a little wonky, glowy black screen background which reminds me of level 5 in Super Mario Bros, which is enchanting in its own right. This is kind of what you might expect from a game jam in some experiences. It’s pretty good. Simple, but satisfactory. Unfortunately, it wasn’t simple enough for me because I got really confused after about 5 minutes.

Try it out though: https://sushidev01.itch.io/patchless

That’s all, thanks for reading MrDavePizza.com. I am loving doing these PizzaPosts, but there are tons of other sources of entertainment throughout the site. Thanks.

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