PizzaPost: More Personal Posts; “Cactus Mayhem” 🍕

cactus mayhem

Greetings, friends! Welcome to this introductory post about a new posting format on MrDavePizza. I currently need a more efficient type of post to use this site as a writing outlet as it was originally intended. I will write for about 30 minutes and include a gameplay video with a description in this new format I am calling PizzaPost. Most of these posts will focus on a variety of topics including but not exclusively about games or hobbies. This is as much for my mental health as well as the quality of the website.

P.S. I’m going to still review games in each post, but with a varying production scale depending on what seems appropriate. For example, here is an awesome dev project I played today on Itch.IO from Malerouille ( I really like the illustration in this. And here’s some gameplay

What Are You On About, Pizza?

We’re heading out of Winter and into Spring, and as the ancient pizzas knew, this is the season for new toppings and crust varieties. No, but really, as the grass turns green, the world shifts into a new era. I realize that I almost never make personalized posts on this website, but I feel I need to uncage the ‘za.

You see, I have been writing personalized pieces of writing since the beginning. And the word was ‘za. I enjoy writing about games, and they’re certainly is no shortage of them. Every adventure I’ve tried, however, seems to lead me into the contemplation of whether or not I am fulfilling my purpose. I feel I can go only create at the rate at which I feel purpose in what I create. This perfectly normal human concept has been sitting on my chest so heavily that I must act.

I’m not expecting you to read my personal posts if they don’t interest you. There is a person behind this site though, and it’s a one-man team, so it’s about relevant as it could get.

Go Pizza, Go Pizza, Go

So, anyway, don’t panic. MrDavePizza is not shutting down or anything. It’s just I am getting tired of the robotic posts that I toil over every day all day for questionable rewards. I just want to write. I love writing and it is why I started this site.

That said, I have developed a very strong base in writing about games that certainly must continue. I think this will all depend on how much interest I have in spending a lot of time with them. So, yeah, I’ll still be writing about games, I’m taking a break from the one-man IGN scenario I’ve had going on for the past couple of months though. As a side note though, my readership has gone up about 500% in the last couple of months, WOW, thank YOU!!

Usually, there is a video included in posts and some images in my posts so from now on, I will show you some things I’ve been spending hobby time with or enjoying, like the Flagstaff rail cam up above that occasionally erupts with Z-train on my second monitor. I just want to have fun, and I want you to have fun.

It is so cliché, and frankly realistic, for a blogger to burn out after a few months, but I’ve been going at it since last fall trying to prove that cliché wrong. And I’m glad I did! You all deserve to see the Dave Pizza which has been buried under layers of code and image editing though.

One thing I’d really love to create, and I don’t know how, it’s a regular content creator community. I belong to a few discords now and I love them. I get it jelly when I see one of my idols casually ask their audience a question and people actually respond. I’ve never even gotten one normal comment on this page that hasn’t been spam for something horrible. I’m going to work on that.

Welcome To The Pizza Net

You might see some shifting around over the coming weeks of content. I will not delete your game dev review don’t worry! I’ve put so much time into these reviews and I want everybody to be able to find them. I’m going to be spending more time on art, crafts, visual novels, writing, radio, and maybe even some Mario!

About Dave Pizza

Hi, I'm Dave! I'm a gaming enthusiast and writer who covers indie game content for Mr. Dave Pizza. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or for more detailed topics email me at If you'd like to know more about me or this site, check out my bio page at Thanks for reading my stuff!

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