Potion Party is That Great Colorful Pixel Alchemy Sim Out

Potion Party is a recently released indie co-op that involves running an alchemy shop and racing around part of your lab to create potions for hurried customers. Its style is a pleasant top to bottom, cute, pixel art environment. Get in the groove as an alchemist to the thumpy party music of its namesake.

Players may enjoy reasonable tasks along with adequately challenging objectives. In addition, there is a respectable host of elements that advance the needs of player skills as levels are completed from customers to creatures. I think this game is really fun and am delighted to share more about it with you!

Note: This game was provided as a showcase copy through Indie Game Collective.

Firing Up Potion Party

Pixel Color Wheel

Potion Party lives in a comfortable learning curve of the ecology of indie co-ops out there. The only controls you will really even need are WASD and E. That’s it. Yet it is enough. Besides wiping on your first round, after that, the reward of Potion Party is parallel to your effort.

This is the crucial mantra when playing Potion Party. Move to the bucket, grab the bucket with E. Go to the well and fill it. Next, water your plant. Different colored plants make different colored potions. Pay attention to what the customer wants–you will need to mix some colors so use your color wheel skills. Wait for your progress bar, then harvest. Put it in the mortar and pestle. Put it in the alchemy set. Add a vial. Add water. Brew. Sell to the customer at the counter! It’s that simple. And seriously, so much fun!

Neat Aspects

Along with advancing multi-tasking skills, there are quite a few features in Potion Party. For one, customization options. The more potions you successfully sell, the more coins you’ll gather, which can be redeemed to items in the shop. It does not take long before you have enough to make things easier for you at the shop. These items can also benefit varying approaches to crafting depending on your needs. There are purchasing options from equipment to decoration.

Features of Potion Party

Here is a comprehensive list of features within Potion Party from the developer. Certainly enough to keep your entertainment. One thing to notice here for sure is the 5-10 hours worth of gameplay. By the way, this game is also on Switch! Play anywhere?

“- Create, combine, and sell potions from your very own alchemy shop
– Mix bright powders and bubbling potions to create new colors!
– Upgrade and decorate your alchemy shop with new items and equipment
– Join with friends in Couch-Coop multiplayer with up to 4 players!
– Defend your shop against plotting creatures and thieving villains
– Play in Story-Mode alone, or together with up to 4 players to earn gold and unlock new stages and gameplay modes.
– Unlock Versus-Mode, and play against your friends; Compete in two teams to brew potions as fast as you can!
– Reach Endless-Mode and test your skills in keeping open the store as long as you can.
– Enjoy cute, stylized pixel graphics
– A total of 5-10 hours of gameplay, with a wide selection of unlockable items and replayable solo and multiplayer modes
– Unlock more than 20 items as you grow your shop: decorative items which give you passive boosts, or store equipment that grant new and useful abilities
– Unlock 11 unique characters, each with their own special abilities
– Upgrade your character abilities to maximize their bonuses.
– No micro-transactions! Everything is unlocked by playing the game.”

Hermetic Musings

I have a longtime personal interest in the lore of alchemy, fiction, and real life. There is a lot of philosophical intrigues, science, and also beautiful art in this tradition. Even today, as chemists design everything we use, seekers meditate on the cosmic ponderings of alchemy’s hermetic origins. That said, that reflection is kind of excessively irrelevant to this game, haha. Potion Party is a fun-packed co-op with cute pixel art and fast-paced gameplay. I realize now that I need to pay more attention to these co-op titles because they are almost always fun, even as a single-player if it is allowed.

It’s a compact game, but be sure to check it out if you like this genre. It is really a 100% game, totally solid and finished. If you have a friend or few to play with, you’ll enjoy this.

Thanks again, so much, for reading MrDavePizza.com. I want to thank RP Games and Indie Game Collective for making this review possible. I have tons of content here, so please be sure to have a look around!m

Link to Potion Party on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1196440/Potion_Party/?utm_source=igcollective

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