Princess Farmer is a Unique and Colorful Indie Out Now

princess farmer samobee cute bunny indie puzzle game

The game is called Princess Farmer.

Princess Farmer is essentially a complex row-matching game, mixed with some RPG and storytelling elements. With some pixel graphics and a cozy story about bunnies, it’s a lot of fun. The style is pink and indie in the best way, and it is fun just to look at. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with this style. I’m not totally sure what you would call it, but it puts me in a happy place

Pinkness and Bunnies Everywhere in Princess Farmer!

Princess Farmer

Princess Farmer is a breath of fresh air after trudging dark dungeons of testosterone-octane ammo everywhere else. Why I needed to make that comparison I don’t know. Those games are fine too, but it helps to set the theme aside and regroup.

You see, I’m more of a Super Princess Peach with infinite health enjoying kind of Mr. Pizza instead of a Doom Eternal enjoying kind of Mr. Pizza. I’ll just put it like that. This might be a nice game to take you to your own happy place for a while. I’ve been in that situation–can’t sleep, too much coffee, weird house noises. Why not take a break and spend some time with your garden-harvesting bunny friends? You can play whatever you want. That’s the Dave Pizza Promise.

Whatever your first impressions are, the bunny protagonist and characters in the story are just so cute and so cool. The indie soundtrack is so chill too. This game is just really pleasant to play. And it is totally sophisticated enough for mature adults, despite what your first impressions may or may not be.

Princess Farmer

Going Down the Rabbit Hole in Princess Bunny

A brief synopsis for cohesiveness. If you want to just watch the video you can do that too.

Princess Farmer is a bunny who harvests vegetables. She is imbued with special powers from Mother Gaia, another bunny. I might have accidentally skipped that part of this game, but I didn’t seem to have any problems. Harvest the vegetables in the right order to match them up and complete levels. It’s just like Candy Crush, but more pixelated and indie. Okay, not JUST like Candy Crush, it’s a tad different than that. But it’s a match-3, which is what Candy Crush is.

I just really love the creativity and interesting, understanding gameplay involved. I’d love to play this one all the way through. I share these demos because I can review them from a non-biased place, and it’s more feasible for me. When this game goes live, it should have some drawing I think for an emerging player base. On that note, I feel like we used to have more games like this, but where have they been!

The game is pretty forgiving in terms of whether you’re playing it right or not. I guess I’m not sure if I even understood what I was doing–with no discredit to the game. But if you have played a match-3 or any of those matching games before, you can play this. The tutorial is completely sufficient for the entirety of the game.

Princess Farmer
From the Steam page: I did not make it this far, but this is intriguing

The Rabbit Trail

I want to play this some more I think if I can. Might need to purchase it after release. I’ve tried so many games that are really visually striking and creative and indie that… end up being totally weird in the end. I trust the indie Samobee team though. It’s shaping up to be a really nice game. And bright colors and chill gameplay are the keys to my gamer’s heart.

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Here is a link to the game on Steam Store

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