Rain On Your Parade is a Really Vibrant and Fun Game

rain on your parade indie game

Thank the heavens, or at least the upper atmosphere, because Rain On Your Parade gave me just the right meta-medicine I needed to make it through this day. Have you ever seen something on the internet and thought, well there goes my day. That’s really unhealthy I know, but as soon as I saw a demo for Rain on Your Parade, I immediately chippered up.

There’s a bit more depth to this anecdote, but it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, Rain on Your Parade is an indie title aimed for release sometime in 2021. Really, it’s only a handful of people in production. You wouldn’t know it though, it’s as polished as a pygmy gonad. Okay, I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

This game, alas, is family-friendly. It’s generally my preference to play family-friendly games, but unless you actually have a family, it’s hard to find relevant games in my experience. No worries though, because I snatched this demo on Steam and then I snatched it on Itch.IO, because I don’t know, but I did that and booted her up.

Singin’, Just Singin’ in the Rain On Your Parade

Rain On Your Parade

The idea of this game is you’re a cloud. The end. Just kidding, sort of. The cloud has a special place in the story because it can go anywhere it wants and rain on anything at any time says the storyteller. Eventually, you’ll develop some other powers like thunder and well, you’ll see.

I liked how well this demo worked with my Dual Shock 4 controller. Personally, I would have gladly played on mouse and keyboard, as is pretty common for dev games, but I decided to turn it on and wow, it worked beautifully. I mean really. Some major games don’t even have this much compatibility.

Rain On Your Parade

The missions are generally pretty mischievous, that’s kind of the joke of the game. But it’s not too sinister, just some fun things we do because of… video games.

I Know Cloud Fu

The first level was probably my favorite. You rain all over a wedding and knock over the chairs as everybody runs around screaming. When you complete the mission, you win a top hat which you can wear later if you want. These rewards are I guess all throughout the game, but advisory, Rain on Your Parade is still in development, so not everything is there yet.

I think I’m going to go ahead and declare “low poly” on this game, the graphics were crafty and definitely low polygon, but to forfeit all of that I’d still say there is quite a bit of quality in the design. Everything looks really great, including you, the cloud.

There’s a cool feature that is revealed a few levels in, where on some levels you can hover over some substance like oil or acid or whatever and it gives you a new dynamic to complete missions. I thought that was pretty cool. Did I mention you hover over whatever you want to rain/thunder/whatever on? You just press A to dump your stuff. There’s a lot of character control.

One of Us, One of Us – Rain on Your Parade

Rain On Your Parade

The demo lasts about 30 minutes. I was totally into it. The developers really want you to try this demo to see what this game is about, so I highly encourage you to do so.

You can find it on Steam or Itch.IO, but either one is fine I think.

The developers have this game listed on Steam as slated for a release ‘on a rainy day in 2021.” I think there’s gonna be some downtime yet, but man what a great way to spend it.

Wrap It Up

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Thank you for reading MrDavePizza.com. If you see things pop up and disappear while you’re browsing it’s probably me poking around in the dark, but I encourage you to check some of the other games I’ve reviewed. If you liked this article, I now have a section totally dedicated to IndieDev on the menu up above.

Keep your head up. I’d like my year with three rains no rumbles. Unless I’m playing this. Cheerio.

Here is a link to the game on Steam:


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