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    Necrow Co. by ZahranW- A Gameboy Style Platformer About a Soul-Reaping Crow

    If this headline doesn't raise an eyebrow, then stick with two, because this article is tapping into some unexplored territory with the game Necrow Co. by creator Zahran Worell. The game Necrow Co. is a 2D pixel platformer, playable with either a controller or keyboard. It's a light narrative about a crow who starts work for a company of reapers, featuring a cozy skeleton psychopomp grim dispatching you to a national park filled with spookies, squishies, and don't-touchies (terms coined on our end.) Abilities are basic: move left and right, jump, and shoot a sort-of crow song wave that disables…

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    What Lies in the Multiverse Demo – Click RT To Change Universes (Showcase)

    We've got a big event going on right now for THE BIG ADVENTURE. Many demos, many great indies. I set my eyes on What Lies in the Multiverse first. It's a collaboration between Studio Voyager, IguanaBee, and Untold Tales. Everything you'll see in this game has a silvery thread of classic games like Fez, Owlboy, etc. But it's a little more than technicolor flashing pixel animations, it's dealing with a really awesome powerful mechanic. Changing universes. That's right, when you click RT you change universes in this game, and, honestly, it's unique, it's a seldom-used trope, but a particularly amusing…

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    A First Look at Sable: Illustrated Open World Indie

    "Sable" is a very promising story-rich open world game with lots of punch in the aesthetics and some very captivating design qualities. Most noticeably, is the 2D illustration in a 3D environment, but also the story. Gamers will feel like they are flipping through a really high-quality graphic novel that has come to life on whatever system they're using to play it on.

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    UROS: A Trip Through Shadows: First Look

    UROS: A Trip Through Shadows is another game from the ESAT student game studio program in Valencia. I previously reviewed a title from this group called Twin Stones which was extremely fun. UROS is a 2D fantasy action platformer-style game that exhibits independent lore that borrows from Hades like underworld lore. As you progress through the map of UROS you will unlock new areas and obstacles and make your way toward, presumably, a scenario related to the opening storyline. Almost missed this one, but here we go with another review at Mr. Dave Pizza!

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    Power Rangers Battle for the Grid: Review

    power rangers battle for the grid title screen fightet

    I'm not sure why the Power Rangers Battle for the Grid DLC packs showed up on Steam today. While the DLC's don't interest me yet, I did remember I have been eager and hopeful about the core game which is available on Xbox Gamepass, and I knew what I had to do, review the core game! It's not accurate to sort Power Rangers into any category I decided. This is because it's a phenomenon in and of itself. As a millennial, I was raised on Zordon and Tommy. So, I knew I could check this out without extending my spirit…

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    Lo-Fi Room: Indie Hip Beats Hero

    lo-fi room hidden object play ddr guitar hero hip beats indie game

    When everything is put together, the final song compilation is pretty good. A lot of people were commenting on the Itch.IO page that they liked the music and I happen to agree. And as far as aesthetics go, this is a pretty successful at being a lo-fi indie concept from the artwork to the music to the gameplay. I dig.

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    The Big Journey: Roll a Dumpling Eating Cat!

    big journey cat indie game cute funny

    Hey, when you say โ€œroll around a dumpling-eating cat,โ€ do you mean that literally?You do? Really? Okay, Iโ€™m in. Play The Big Journey and roll around a cat, who should be named Alpuss Dumplingdore (do not deny what a perfect name that would be.) Alright, alright. Thereโ€™s nothing that bizarre about this game. Firstly, The Big Journey is unique, however, once you jump in, itโ€™s pretty fleshed out. Secondly, despite the weird concept, itโ€™s highly rewarding. Finally, I think weโ€™re all a little bit used to those by now, us gamers, arenโ€™t we? So, next up, letโ€™s play!