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    Ducksoup Dungeon – Animal Hero Game Boy Rogue-Lite (Free Game Review)

    Ducksoup Dungeon Review

    Let's jump right into Ducksoup Dungeon. It's a free web browser playable rogue-lite on Itch.io by developer Richard Lems, also known as Blastmode Games. You might have heard of Lems' work on the game Mighty Goose. In the game I'm discussing here, Ducksoup Dungeon, you choose one of four heroes. It is playable in a web browser or can be downloaded. Starting with "Slashchicken," the first hero is a chicken. With amazing firepower at your side, you'll blast your way through and collect coins. Each play's collection can be used to unlock the other three heroes. Every level features hidden…

  • Indie

    Pompom: The Great Space Rescue (Review)

    The recently released pixel platformer Pompom: The Great Space Rescue ran across my desk as a showcase opportunity through my friends at Indie Game Collective. It's a precision platformer, sort of, with a feature I've never seen before this involving time slowing AND improvised platform placement. You can play with a controller, or you can play it with a mouse (or hamster actually, since that is Pompom's main character you play as.) The game balances innovative gameplay, a moderate learning curve, and generous leniency to keep your gameplay flowing. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, at the level of some other top…

  • Visual Novels

    Eternia: Pet Whisperer – This Isn’t a Normal Pet Adoption Game (But It’s Still Cute)

    Eternia Menu

    There's a short, charming story in Eternia: Pet Whisperer. Even if you're a cockatoo/border-collie lover like me, or whether you lean more toward the exotic koala/frill-necked lizard, or rat brothers. These animals have a slight backstory, and cute appearance, plus a natural subtle wit. It's got that solo dev quirk that I love best of all, where the plot derails to form a full loopable plot-line but keep things manageable; that's a plus, folks. And I'm not going to spoil it for you, because you deserve that, but also because I think it's one of the charms of the game.

  • Indie

    Shindig: A Game to Make You Feel Happy and Safe

    This is a game that had come across my desk yesterday, which I had accidentally overlooked because of my new format, but I was really interested in it. Shindig is an interactive fiction in the style of something like a kids' exploration picturebook with some tried and true interactive gameplay. As you might know, it's always been my goal to seek out wholesome indie games because I'm a bit jumpier than a jackrabbit at times. I tend to like games that can be played by anyone. In Shindig I explored this friendly animated world on a quest to help a…

  • Mainstream Faves

    Planet Zoo: Lions, and Tigers, and Bears!

    Personal revelation: I love animals! Always have, always will. When I travel, one of my first attractions is usually a zoo, aquarium, or natural history museum. Not to mention beaches, refuges, and forests. And while we’re at it, throw some vegetarian restaurants into the mix. That is one reason today I’ll be reviewing Planet Zoo. Unfortunately, haven’t been able to go much of anywhere in a while due to you know what. It’s a subject which is turning video games less into a way to relax into a fully blown way to experience things. And that’s how it used to…

  • Miscellaneous

    The Big Journey: Roll a Dumpling Eating Cat!

    big journey cat indie game cute funny

    Hey, when you say โ€œroll around a dumpling-eating cat,โ€ do you mean that literally?You do? Really? Okay, Iโ€™m in. Play The Big Journey and roll around a cat, who should be named Alpuss Dumplingdore (do not deny what a perfect name that would be.) Alright, alright. Thereโ€™s nothing that bizarre about this game. Firstly, The Big Journey is unique, however, once you jump in, itโ€™s pretty fleshed out. Secondly, despite the weird concept, itโ€™s highly rewarding. Finally, I think weโ€™re all a little bit used to those by now, us gamers, arenโ€™t we? So, next up, letโ€™s play!