• Terraria Classic Review

    Terraria – First Impressions of an Indie Survival Classic

    Terraria is simply one of the most famous games ever made, yet I hadn’t ever played it until just recently. The gameplay is engaging and the pixel art graphic style is pretty satisfying. It has a simple premise that matches other survival craft games, like Minecraft, that being: build a fort, fight or hide, and survive–then just keep building and building and building. And though I only put effort into one aspect during…


    Donut County is Definitely Immature and Has GREAT Dialogue

    Forgive, me, because we’re about to “dive into” some game material from the past. All the way back to the year 2018. Which isn’t really that long ago, making the sentiment of that sentence nearly arbitrary actually. Donut County is on its fourth year after release, and I’ve been meaning to play it for about half of that time. Why did I wait so long? I have no idea, but anything that was…

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  • cloudpunk voxel sky city taxi cyberpunk indie game

    Cloudpunk is A Game That Deserves Reward For What it Has Accomplished

    The way games roll out in relation to cult themes these days feel like popping a bean bag chair full of glitter. Shiny and colorful, but spreading everywhere. Cloudpunk IS DEFINITELY a cyberpunk game. Life exists in an oppressively technological Babylon run by criminal overlords and the rebellious underdogs to send it tumbling–not always in an obvious way either. Of course, Cloudpunk is massive, and I have no idea how long it takes…

  • opus rocket of whispers melancholy space interactive fiction indie game

    OPUS Rocket of Whispers is Beautiful & Full of DEEP Gameplay

    Mysterious backstory, cosmic balance, ancestral duty. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Heavy topics, yes, but not to worry. This game is poetry, and these types of themes are in the prequel OPUS: The Day We Found Earth. It seems that there is even a theme in common between that game and OPUS Rocket of Whispers, but I am hesitant to say, conclusively, what it is. I’ll give you a quick…

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  • gardens between popular indie game on switch review title

    The Gardens Between is a Game That Does Some New Things

    The Gardens Between is a breathtaking puzzle platformer from the indie but tremendously successful studio Voxel Agents in Australia. It was released in 2018. I played it on Switch but you can find it on many platforms. I’m not sure if the preface of this game is an homage to any other pop culture time-traveling islands, but maybe not. I had some theories while playing that maybe some kind of altered planes of…