Fayburrow – Cozy 3D Mystery Visual Novel (Student Game)

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Today, I plunged headfirst into the free games pile new releases over on Steam store. On my arrival, I discovered a cozy little visual novel among the listings called Fayburrow, and I decided to take a look at it. Fayburrow is a free game created by the self-named "Fayburrow Troupe" at VIA University College in Denmark. It just hit the Steam store today. What was first intrigue, turned into a fascination with the conjunction of such delightful graphics with a genre I have not covered in far too long! So, after downloading, I fired it up and took it for a spin at the courtesy of the game's student makers and you dear reader. Let's take a look at Fayburrow.

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Tales Of The Neon Sea: Impressions

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Tales of the Neon Sea is a bright pixel art in the hardboiled cyberpunk detective style. It's also borderline platformer and adheres to a very high-density environment in synch with some of the best cyberpunk cinematics out there. Explore shadowy laboratories or deep dungeons sewers. This game is not for the light-hearted but it does deliver on content. This is probably the most sophisticated pixel art game I have ever played. Let's take a look.

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Genesis Noir: Quantum Puzzler: Review

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Genesis Noir is an experimental detective story that takes place in a cosmogonic setting in different parts of the universe. If that already sounds mind-blowing, it's artistically extravagant in the creative gears that turn its two-dimensional, or even 5-dimensional, gameplay mechanics--metaphorically at least. The game starts wandering the streets of some strange alternative 1950's cityscape and blows open a new case to investigate with a bang, a big bang. Yes, that one. In this review, I'll talk about the game--and also talk to you about a new project I'm working on involving space exploration in games.

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