• Wingspan tutorial

    How to Play Wingspan – A Tutorial for Beginners

    Wingspan is an exciting concept from top to bottom. It involves all manner of birds in either a card-driven board game, or a cross-platform video game–both essentially based on the same original concept. Bird lovers want everything to do with this game, me included, and with the different ways to play it we deserve to. I have to say, however, that after my initial foray into Wingspan, I was thrilled with the bird…

  • cultist simulator elder gods hp lovecraft lovecraftian digital card game

    The Cultist Simulator is a Great Introduction to Lovecraftian Gameplay

    The Cultist Simulator was offered on Play Pass, so I sat down and played it on my tablet before this. My Play Pass subscription is about to end the trial–I’m still going to keep it–but there are tons of paid indie games for free on there. After some adjustments to my desk for ergonomics (it’s quite nice now), I am ready to go. Descriptors of The Cultist Simulator It’s a digital tabletop card…

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  • super mario 3d all stars title

    Super Mario 3D All-Stars is The Ultimate Mario Game (And You Can’t Have It)

    This is my best–and one and only–article about Super Mario. Indie games, step aside for a moment. Super Mario 3D All-Stars for all parties interested, is a special release from Nintendo this year for the Switch which contains three classic Mario games spruced up for HD and available for a limited time offer in physical as well as digital form. They’re serious about the limited time too, which has some scratching their heads…