How To Find Free Games On Steam

This is a tutorial on how to find and download free games on Steam. If you’re familiar with the Steam client store or website, you might know the layout can be incredibly open-ended. I use it every day, and it is one of my most useful resources. This allows for some exploration of methods to filter new games posted. Steam is considered one of the most essential clients for finding new game releases for digital download on PC. It is home to tens of thousands of retail, but also free, games.

This isn’t a terribly complicated process, however, for the Steam client, or website, the interface can be a little layered. Not bad, just slightly hidden! To find free games on Steam, there are a few shortcuts to know. You can use it not only to find free games but also to sort them. This can be based on release date or even genre (also known as tags on Steam.)

Get Free Games on Steam Through the Steam Client

If you do not already have Steam, start by going over to and setting up an account. If you already have Steam, skip to the next part. There is a green button in the upper right of the main store page labeled “Install Steam.” Download and install the client. Set up an account, or use an existing one, then follow the steps to verify your account.

Download the Steam Client
Download and Install the Steam Client

Steam has been around since digital game delivery first existed and is considered a pioneer in this type of service. As such, you may already have a Steam account that you’ve forgotten about! You can either set up a new account or go through the recovery process for your old account. Usually, this involves a process of verifying Captcha, or you might just need to verify an email.

At any rate, you should now be logged into your account with the client before moving on to the next step.

Finding Free Games From the Front Page

Next, if you are not already there by default, go to the Steam store page. This is the first section on the client menu and will be denoted by the main page of the client. Steam has many promotional events occurring throughout the year, so if you’re unfamiliar with Steam content, this is a good place to see what it’s all about.

The Steam Store Page
The Steam Store Page

Once, you are in the Steam Store, look for the search box in the upper right of the page. Click the magnifying glass in the corner. I’m not sure why this is how this page is accessed, but it is the quickest way.

Click the Magnifying Glass (It’s tiny!)

Sorting Free Games on Steam

On the right side of the all products page, you are now at, there is a section called “Narrow by Price.” Drag the price slider in the upper right all the way to the left, so that the price range says Free.

Narrow Price to Find Free Games on Steam
Narrow by Price (Slide Left for Free)

It should look something like this:

Free Games on Steam
Free Games!

Okay, you’re almost there. Actually, you pretty much are, but there are a few more tips I have to offer that will make this task a little more rewarding in finding exactly the type of free games you want.

Initially, you’ll only see the most popular free releases in the list of games available. If this is what you wanted, you are done, but I’ll show you how to take it a step further.

Next to the price slide in the upper right, there is a dropdown menu that’s labeled “Sort by.” Click it and change the selection to “Release Date.”

Sort Free Games on Steam by Release Date
Sort By Release Date for Newest Free Games

You should now see a list of all the most recent free games on Steam.

There are a variety of types of free games in this list, classified as either free, free-to-play, or demo. While demos are a type of free game and plenty of fun, they are not typically the whole game and just a preview copy. If you want to try demos, you can find them with this method, but you can also filter out demos as well.

Select Game Type and Narrow By Tag

Below the price slider, look at the sidebar menu that says “Select Game Type.” Click “Games.”

Select Games Only
Select Games to Filter Out Demos

Now, all of the games on the list will be labeled as “Free” or “Free to Play.” Choose something that looks interesting, download it if you wish, and play–or browse through and look at the other games.

You can even sort the genre of games by selecting from the “Narrow by tag” list. This is a fun system in the Steam store interface that allows you to narrow down exactly what type of game you want within hundreds of unique descriptors that games are listed in.

You Can Even Sort By Genre

A small note: some games are listed as either free or free to play, but there is no overall difference between each type of game. The only difference I have found is sometimes free-to-play is a temporary tag, but not necessarily. Free games are invariably just simply free.

A Note About Links That Lead to Games that Aren’t Available

What the Add To Wishlist Button Looks Like in Steam

If you go to a page that says free but it’s actually a closed Early Access or there’s no game at all, this is just a consequence of the game being listed incorrectly. It can be a little annoying if it happens with a game that looks interesting. If you’d like, you can resolve this by adding the game to your wishlist so that you’ll be notified when it’s released.

Have Fun!

That’s all for this tutorial. Potentially, you’ve found this page by watching one of my YouTube videos. If you found this tutorial useful, please see some of my other articles! If you are actually looking for free games that I’ve reviewed, be my guest and go here for my reviewed free games! Thanks for reading MrDavePizza! Enjoy your games.

My Cup Of Coffee: The Trouble With Earl Grey – You Can Connect The Secrets

My Cup of Coffee: The Trouble with Earl Grey is a visual novel that takes place in a very imaginative turn-of-the-century coffee shop presumably somewhere within Victorian society. You play as a family apprentice of the coffee trade and you more or less are plonked right into days as a barista. The story revolves around a casual plot involving a group of customers known as the Grey family. Using clues from casual conversation, you are tasked to unravel the feeling of tension between Mrs. Grey and Mr. Grey and their maid as well.

My Cup of Coffee: In Context

It is definitely always my intention these days to explore these solo dev projects with a tone of casualness and positivity. The dev, Dreamgate, obviously has thought this game through and offered a polished project, which is pretty cool for a VN on Itch.IO! Pretty cool in general. I noticed in the credits that this game was made with Ren’Py, a traditional visual novel creation software. Well done! I’ve wanted to create my own VN for quite a while now and invested in some software on the Steam summer sale. I must play these games to understand what’s involved and frankly, it’s amazing what is possible.

There are around 8 ways I think for the game to end, meaning choice matters!

Gameplay in My Cup of Coffee

This is a traditional visual novel. You enter the scene, some backstory is given, a person enters, and you converse. As you converse with one person, then two, and so on, the story unravels. I like these because they’re really easy and give me a lot of room to focus on minutia within the story. Lady and Earl Grey, the married couple in the plot’s focus, are obviously named after types of tea.

Their maid, Maria Darjeeling a reference to Darjeeling tea as well. It’s a nice tongue-in-cheek joke about tea and coffee. (I hope the game creator/developer doesn’t mind me overanalyzing this swiftly progressed game!) Their costumes are bright and bouncy for a very light atmosphere. There is no real sinister motive from anything I saw, but the story does seem to put emphasis on a locket that Mr. Grey took from Mrs. Grey. I’ll leave that up to you to figure out, but my money is on the maid, Maria Darjeeling.

As a former barista, and literally drinking a cup of coffee as I played this, I’ve learned to enjoy coffee-themed games. Whether you are a fan or not, does not matter particularly, but I love that in one section you can choose whether to engage in a conversation or clean your machine. You’ve got to keep those things neat!

The Vignette

It’s a really simple game that’s nice to look at. If you’re looking for something casual to play a few sessions with, this is my pick at the moment. Luckily plenty of content for a regular-sized review. 16 oz or so, I’d say, although a demitasse would be fine. You can of course donate to the developer if you enjoy it and want to support their work.

So with that, there you have it. My Cup of Coffee. I want to thank you so much for reading Creating new content on a regular basis now, so please check back! I cover a lot of visual novels if that is definitely your thing, but all kinds of indie games and other topics as well. In the meantime, ‘za out!

P.S. I JUST found out that I can embed a link to Itch.IO games now, so be sure to check that out just below here!

GeoGuessr – Who Came Up With This Crazy, Addicting Free Game?

GeoGuessr… Ahh, I’ve waited so long to delve into this one. I present to you today a non-traditional game review to showcase a game that is on the fringe of traditional games but so fresh and fun that everybody is finding out about it. GeoGuessr is a browser-based game that uses images from Google Streetview. You are dropped off in a random lat/long on Earth or whichever area/theme you specify and you use clues from your surroundings to find out where you are. Any person could easily bend the rules to win. For purists, on the other hand, it’s a wonderful way to use reasoning and deduction to sharpen your geography skills.

GeoGuessr: The Beauty in Simplicity

This is certainly a different type of game for my site. Most of my reviews as of this date are generally executables of the graphic-powered game dev variety. There’s so much opportunity everywhere though. And that’s where I’m taking you, everywhere. is incredibly easy to sign up for. If it sounds kind of weird or obscure, have no worries! It’s been going since 2013 after a Swedish IT consultant created it. You can either play 5 rounds a day for free, or you can pay a nominal fee to play unlimited. 5 rounds are usually enough for a casual daily distraction. You can definitely get really into it though and play long sessions.

There are several other ways you can play too. The fully supported versions or GeoGuessr released map categories. These are the most played selections like World, Famous Places, Europe, or United States. You can also play user-made categories like landmarks, cities, and everything else you can imagine. Our favorite here is the non-blurry United States maps. There are at least 10,000 starting points and you can make sure you won’t be stranded somewhere with Street View areas that have blurry photos. It’s a personal preference, but it helps.

Some Tips for Playing GeoGuessr

This game isn’t super hard. There are certain techniques you can use, however, to make your playtime more enjoyable. USE CLUES. If you’re around my age you may be familiar with the old Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? game and TV series. You often had to track down clues to figure out where Carmen’s henchman fled to so that you could catch them before time runs out. There’d often be riddles and such that would reveal allusions to places like the Sydney Opera House or Taj Mahal.

The easiest clue: read signs. You can often derive a lot of information from street signs, advertisements, and, my favorite, utility vehicle doors. Sometimes they’ll just straight up tell you exactly where you are. Although be advised, that even if you have a town name and a region name, you could be anywhere! The best thing to overcome that is to look for major highway or freeway signs. They generally have a different shape so that’s a good thing to know.

Other clues: telephone numbers or website URLs. In the United States, there are some area codes that I will always remember. I know quite a few country codes too. These may not always be available or even helpful when you find them, but the “.SK” on a Slovakian business ad URL might just be the clue you need.

Also, one thing which might seem obvious but isn’t always is to use the ecology of where you’re looking to determine where you are. There’s a ton of difference between the countryside of Lafayette and the boardwalk of Bergen. If you just want to play a certain region though, that is totally possible.

Take a Look Around

I’ve said this before, but I’m very not much into competitive gaming at all. There are tournament boards for all the maps with who found their locations the fastest and most accurate and everything. I honestly am not really sure why they have this, since you literally can just open a new tab with google maps and find where you are in 10 seconds. What would even be the point of that? It’s cool if you’re competing legit, but I’d rather just have fun and test my skill. Play as you like though, there are pretty much no rules in Geoguessr. And I think you’re going to enjoy it.

I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you like the photos up above from my “travels.” We’ve seen some bizarre stuff so far, and I guarantee you’re probably going to find yourself laughing at certain things. It’s a blast.

Thanks for reading There are many reviews here and a variety of topics. Have a look around, and enjoy!

5 More Great Itch.IO Games

Here are 5 Itch.IO games that are either demos, choose your own price, or free–depending on how much you want to contribute or can afford. You may have noticed I am very enthusiastic about this platform because it is where indie games are happening every moment! I’ve got some great titles for you, so let’s get started.

1. Doggo Quest

The dog is pretty cute and funny and the interactions with the other creatures and features are all really good. When I looked at the environments and creatures I noticed that this game seems to be entirely hand painted, possibly water-colored. It has a very relaxing ambience because of that. I want to play more games that are painted, because it just looks so darn good and makes me feel calm.

It takes a moment to figure out the first puzzle, but just keep trying things you will get it. Maybe you need to try looking at some things or barking. 🙂

2. Sort The Court

Sort the Court is awesome. You entertain a court of audiences to the king who ask you yes or no questions which affect the state of your people. There are a pretty substantial variety of who you interact with from entrepreneurs to monsters. It’s all pretty humorous and definitely entertains. I knew I liked games but I didn’t realize I could fulfill my gameplay needs with two buttons representing yes or no. This game does request a donation of around $5 and it’s worth that in my opinion. This is a nicely made and enjoyable game.

3. Tanuki Sunset Classic

There is a full version on Steam, but this one is a nice test of the game which has built its way up. You are a racoon in a 80s rad sunset landscape and you have a skateboard. What do you do? The demo is pretty well developed so I’d probably check out the game. Sincerely challenging in the right ways though. Don’t laugh at my attempts to drift ad doldrum. My experience with racing games is it generally takes a little time before you can perfect the drift. Even in Mario Kart, I fall off the ledge constantly if I play an unfamiliar character or vehicle. Anyway.

4. Ocean Trash Cleanup

This one is a short joy, an in development creation with a fun demo. It’s an important concept, cleaning up the ocean, but so are krakens. It’s totally free and a nice concept. I know that I insistently favor games which I can actually complete, but I just like the straight forward nature of this. The graphics are perfect and the challenge is manageable. I like it a lot and it’s something I would play more if it were more developed. Nice!

5. Little Things Remastered

I looked up the developer of this game and did not find him on social media but he does have a website. His name is Matthew Hall, and he created a few titles with this aesthetic. It’s an artistic flat graphic hidden object game with some nice music. The object mosaics are objects themelves which is kind of nice. They puzzles are pretty challenging and include over a 100 objects. That’s not bad. If you want to chill out and do some hidden object sleuthing this is a great title on

Closing Remarks

I hope you liked this list. If you’re looking for a game to play these were my picks for issue. I’m constantly impressed that the unique content on this platform. If you need to double down on the mainstream stuff this is your granola.

More articles on You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for reading!