• Visual Novels

    The Hayseed Knight: Anthro Indie Visual Novel

    hayseed knight anthro visual novel

    Ader the buck is your basic rural raised one-eyed stag from the country, protagonist and comic relief. He's jumpy and blasting into nervous confrontation with just about everybody in the game. I enjoyed his character because he managed to say things just as much inflammatory as they were polite and humble. He's basically a goofy guy who you'll probably enjoy.

  • Indie

    Hollow Knight: Not Quite Horror, Not Quite Cute

    hollow knight indie game gameplay review switch

    I started off in a very dark hole. That was the major theme I found in this game. Everything in the game is dark and ethereal, kind of spectral. I do not think this is what I would call a horror game though. It's more of a Tim Burton/Donnie Darko cathartic whim. You know, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.

  • Indie

    The Cultist Simulator: Summon The Elder Gods

    cultist simulator elder gods hp lovecraft lovecraftian digital card game

    The Cultist Simulator is a good name for this game, although "occulist" would have worked too. For starters, the cards look a lot like tarot; they kind of play like tarot too. There are some pretty spiritual and existential horror themes in the story as well. I had to confirm this later, but there are apparently some heavy Lovecraftian themes in The Cultist Simulator, elder alien gods and such. Oh, also, the story is really up to you and how you play your cards. And what's in the cards...

  • Miscellaneous

    Clocker: Chinese Indie Game: Review

    clocker chinese indie game

    I just saw Clocker released on Nintendo eShop this morning for a reasonable $3, so I snatched it up and gave it a go. These Switch games are kind of hard to predict sometime, but you have to pay your portion for the privilege once in a while. I do not really know what the origins of this game are. It was listed under Indie in eshop, with no publisher info. A little research revealed that the developer Wild Kid Games, published this through a studio called Indienova in China. Are there indie studios in China? I have wondered this…

  • Indie

    The Last Campfire: A Spark Hiding in the Darkness

    last campfire sentimental cute interesting indie puzzle game switch graphics

    I hesitated the first time I played this. I was up late at night and wanted to try something relaxing and I chose The Last Campfire on the Switch. Visually nice, interesting, but I was a little startled by the minuscule, but there, elements of macabre. Okay, it was just a single skeleton, but that’s enough to not be my usual thing! I set it aside and haven’t thought about it in a while. I’m happy to inform you that this game is actually quite good. It needs to be reconsidered by skeptics, even you if you are one. It’s…

  • Mainstream Faves

    Yoshi’s Crafted World: Review

    yoshi's crafted world fun family friendly nintendo game

    I had to remember how to play this game, but once I did I remembered how care free it is to play this game, a nice array of forgiving obstacles and a high attention to detail in its very particular artistic style. I meant to write something about it a while ago, but I kept overthinking it. Today I have some video, screenshots, and seasoned thoughts on Yoshi’s Crafted World.

  • Indie

    The Beggar’s Ride: Unlock the Powers of the Gods

    beggars ride 3d creative indie puzzle game gods

    The idea of this game is you basically start a journey in an unknown path as a quiet beggar. You soon learn that you possess the powers of a god. Clouds are shifted, vessels are filled, and the beat goes on. Players have described this game as having an emotional impact on them. I can relate. The Beggar’s Ride has some cool storytelling choices that give you some context for why this is happening. It’s also something I notice that “quality” games tend to utilize, since it gives you a reason to keep playing. This is a good move, because…

  • Indie

    Chronology: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

    chronology gameplay review indie game time travel title screen

    This one’s a real treat. In my quest to document cheap games that are high quality, I am here to showcase today’s PC Game titled “Chronology.” Once again, I snagged this title from Steam for a meager $0.49. Booyah! When you start playing new games all the time, you start to notice themes and design aspects from the description. So I can pretty much guess what I’m in for and/or if the game is worth a purchase click.

  • Mainstream Faves

    The Sims 4: A Viable Substitute for Reality!

    sims 4 title screen

    The Sims had a demo for Windows 98 that I found as a teenager. My sister and I both were absolutely enthralled with it. I made a Japanese shoji house with a lawn made of swimming pools and carpeted sidewalks between the rooms. I made a bachelor pad with a dance club in the attic. I made my sims drink juice and blow bubbles for days. Oh yeah, it's The Sims!

  • Mainstream Faves

    Animal Crossing: Getting Started

    animal crossing new horizons ver. 1.5.1 scoot umbrella title

    This game is for Nintendo Switch only! I should have mentioned that. In fact, this game is essentially the major reason I now have a Nintendo Switch. There are so many good games for Switch that are perfectly mindful and low stress, but the media circling around how wonderful this game actually did sell me in a moment of post-materialistic rebellion that I actually don’t really regret. This game took me to a new realm of peaceful gameplaying.