Because It’s Hot! – Why Pizza? Impressions

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I'm back, reviewing a game. An indie game. A very indie game. An indie game prologue. Because it's hot! - Why Pizza? Freeze frame. But seriously, I am in recovery from an intense year of reviews. So, when I saw this perfectly amusing stylized demo on Steam with a radical pizza theme, I narrowed in on it. I only played for about 7 minutes or so, because platformers make my head explode. (Real reason: I suck at them.) But since I've added the Dave Pizza Promise, which is sifting out the rather uneventful, it was more like 30 minutes. Right? Right. Here we go. Have no worries, this is a positivity filled review.

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The Last Act: A Visual Novel: Impressions

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The Last Act is a visual novel with a theatric theme about an actress in a lead play character. Interact with a social group of charismatic characters, while find yourself getting more and more into the script as the serious drama unfolds. The choices you make unfold the story in different ways, but ultimately you'll find yourself interacting with supernatural characters that seek to interact in your fate. Will you continue on with the play? Or is it too much? Or do people just need to mind their own business? It's up to you.

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Arcade Spirits: New Challengers: Impressions

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I keep an eye on Steam's demo listings on a daily basis. I've been really into visual novels for some time now. I like the way they hit my writer's palette when it comes to emotionally charged game content. The game Arcade Spirits: New Challengers is a sequel to a 2017 visual novel named Arcade Spirits. The story takes place in an alternate history, the year 20XX, where arcades have not seen deprecation or obsoleteness. As such, the arcade is quite an interesting place to run into quirky characters and get into all sorts of gaming fun not quite afforded by the modern console/PC era.

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