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    Owlboy – A Fine Indie Owlish Adventure

    owlboy pixel art metroidvania switch review gameplay

    Sometime about 100,000 years ago Owls became all the rage. I joke, since owl knickknacks and stories have surged in popularity over the past couple of decades. But they've long symbolized intelligence, wisdom, and ability. Which is good, because those are common themes in Owlboy. I tested this game on Nintendo Switch, but it is a cross-platform Metroidvania, an acceptable umbrella term for a whole ton of games out there.

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    Pizza Express – Retro Pizzeria Game That Fed My Hunger


    My hunger for low-res grounded pixel games lately opened me up to a stellar sale on a game called Pizza Express. Pizza Express is an indie pixel-graphic pizzeria simulator about a fast-paced solo restaurant run by animal friends Gastone the cat and Lucky the rabbit--and also you. The game is fairly simple but incorporates playful dialogue and gameplay that is quirky in the best indie-adhering ways. It is very similar to the game Good Pizza, Great Pizza, but is older and definitely a bit more grassroots. I enjoyed it very much, so I've decided to bring this review of it…

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    GoDot TileMaps A Quick Beginner’s Tutorial

    Let's talk about GoDot tilemaps. Have you ever played a 2D platformer or Metroidvania and wanted to know how it is made? Maybe you are already making one. I'm back for another insight into the cryptic, enigmatic, secretive, open-source world of indie game development. Tongue-in-cheek there. But I am reaching out to you devs out there to talk about some very useful primary knowledge in GoDot TileMaps!

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    UROS: A Trip Through Shadows: First Look

    UROS: A Trip Through Shadows is another game from the ESAT student game studio program in Valencia. I previously reviewed a title from this group called Twin Stones which was extremely fun. UROS is a 2D fantasy action platformer-style game that exhibits independent lore that borrows from Hades like underworld lore. As you progress through the map of UROS you will unlock new areas and obstacles and make your way toward, presumably, a scenario related to the opening storyline. Almost missed this one, but here we go with another review at Mr. Dave Pizza!

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    Wild Dive: Indie Game: Quick Review

    wild dive indie game title screen

    Hello friends. Today I'm reviewing a really brief but beautiful and fun game called Wild Dive. You may have noticed some changes around here in content and how often I'm posting. No worries, this is still a regular blog, only I've been spending a little more of the time I allot for it on cosmetic aspects of the site and refining older posts. I'm not done yet, but it's getting there. I also am working on some new topics such as my Movies & TV section. It's not all about being popular for me, but I know most of you…

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    Surviving Mars: Colonize The Red Planet In This Dynamic Strategy Game

    surviving mars title

    Surviving Mars is a scientific strategy and simulation game about colonizing the red planet. Players are guided through the very basics of roving the terrain for information and resources. As their knowledge increases, it becomes possible to start envisioning an extraplanetary colony. Learn about theoretical technologies as well as real ones and how they interplay in our future on Mars. This is a game about exploration and survival.

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    SteamWorld Dig 2: I’ll Always Love Steampunk

    steamworld dig 2 steampunk robot gameplay indie

    Steam World Dig 2 is a 2D platformer about a society of humanoid robots, particularly the protagonist Dorothy McCrank. The village is plagued by earthquake ridden mines beneath their village from which they are generally dependent on the ore mined from. In addition to this, it is Dorothy's quest is to recover a lost robot by the name of Rusty. Last time she saw him, he was lost somewhere in these chasms of rock and ore. Also, it's Steampunk.

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    Go, Morse, Go! Arcade Edition: Paddle Up

    Go Morse Go Review

    BRIGHT pixelated bunnies! It's a finished full release indie game on Itch.IO and Steam. In Go Morse Go, you are trained for a competition to outdo your opponents, up 4 players, by spelling numbers in Morse Code. You are presented a letter, and you click the button on your controller to spell corresponding code in Morse to spell that letter. I'll explain.

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    Chronology: Letโ€™s Do The Time Warp Again

    chronology gameplay review indie game time travel title screen

    This oneโ€™s a real treat. In my quest to document cheap games that are high quality, I am here to showcase todayโ€™s PC Game titled โ€œChronology.โ€ Once again, I snagged this title from Steam for a meager $0.49. Booyah! When you start playing new games all the time, you start to notice themes and design aspects from the description. So I can pretty much guess what Iโ€™m in for and/or if the game is worth a purchase click.