Kraino Origins – Beat the First Boss & Enjoy This Great Game

Here we go with Kraino Origins. Add this to your Halloween Indie Game countdowns, because it’s got enough spook for the whole community. This game feels like it was made from the plucking of my own seasonal heart string, with its borderline creep-fest color scheme and environment. Slash your way through constant monsters, zombies, and ghouls in this 2D platformer that spans 8 bosses–now out on Steam!

Kraino Origins – What Is This Magic?

So, the idea here is: “what would happen if you took the classic indie game Shovel Knight and filtered it through grim undertones and replaced the knight and shovel with a psychopomp and scythe?” I honestly didn’t even realize that this is what Kraino Origins is until I did some research online. Why is this significant?

Well, I think it is because I’ve never really played any other games that really executed this effectively–to my knowledge? Once immersed in the game though, I found myself bouncing on zombies’ heads galore because the whole game is built around this. In fact, I insist you know this because this comparison is crucial!

But just in general, this is a very good game, and not too creepy.

I didn’t really think a lowly gamer like myself would come out of this one with honor, but, once again, my experiments paid off. I highly encourage watching the video real quick if you’re on the fence or stuck.

Guide/Tips for Kraino Origins

There are a few things to know about Kraino Origins. Let me break them down.

BOSS (Slurmp):

I struggled hard for the first boss. I’m not an expert platformer, but what I eventually discovered is that if you use the analog stick to orient and then bounce on the boss’s head (with some slight timing) you can take him down fairly easily.

Defeat Slurmp
The first boss, a ghost named Slurmp

This is not obvious at first though, and it’s really just enough to get you through the first part of the game only. Since there are about 8 final bosses, you’ll need to figure out how this timing works as you go along.

If this fails, it’s possible that this technique has been patched, as the dev has informed me that I’m the first to have played it this way! As for now though, it works, so take from it what you will. It’s possible to beat Slurmp without this technique too, just use good timing.


Collect coins, shards (they kind of look like broken tokens or moons), and abilities/weapons–purchased from a hidden in-map vendor. These will all help you get through the level and help you take down the boss a lot faster.

Note: There are also checkpoints on every level, including before–at least–right before the first boss. These are very helpful because there are surprises around every corner which you might not survive! (At first.)


There are a few different types and functions of mobs in Kraino Origins.

One is your standard mob, executed by a fell swoop of your scythe one or two times. There are also the ones who a head bounce progresses the precision aspect of the platformer better. Then there is the kind of mobs that are, to be honest, kind of annoying and depend on your ability to time attacks and be in the right place.

That’s it

Anyway, that’s about it for Kraino Origins. It just so happened that my pals over at Indie Game Collective are showcasing it, so it absolutely had to go up on my Halloween list (which you can get to by going to my front page. until October 31st, 2022) It really is a very polished spooky platformer, and if you’re throwing a party or doing a Twitch stream, I highly recommend it! It’s currently only $9.99 on Steam. Here is a link to the game on Steam below:

Pumpkinheads – Seasonably Wholesome Graphic Novel

This is another teen and YA-appropriate, plus seasonally appropriate, review. Pumpkinheads is a very endearing and amusing graphic novel released pre-pandemic. It is the creation of author Rainbow Rowell and author/illustrator Faith Erin Hicks. It follows the tale of two friends, Deja and Josiah, who work at a pumpkin patch, on their last Halloween night before they go off to college. Instead of their assigned task of working as succotash cooks, Deja tries to insist Josiah do something about his multiple-year-spanning fascination with the girl who works at the fudge shop.

From the illustrated scenes to the demeanor of the characters, everything is just a great way to lift your spirit and imagine the smell of pumpkin pie and hay bale ride nostalgia. I know I’m past Halloween here on this review as of this morning, but I can’t help but feel this one can carry itself through the end of November, or anytime you want to think about it really.

I purchased this from Google Play. The publisher is First Sector, published August 27, 2019, and it runs approximately 224 pages.

Let’s talk about it.

Good Old Fashioned Fun

According to Goodreads, Pumpkinheads takes place in Omaha, Nebraska at the featured pumpkin patch. As a native Midwesterner, that sounds about right to me. It is definitely a little more fantastic than any pumpkin patch I’ve ever been to though, incorporating just about anything autumnal and delicious or cozy you can think of. The characters are what really sell it for me though. Deja is confident, empathic, comedic, and is a good eye for rebellious but harmless hijinks. Josiah is playing by the rules, an employee of the month for many years, and cares more about the pumpkin patch than his own personal needs.

I will not tell you how things unravel, but it turns out everybody and everything in this story are full of all kinds of surprises. Employees are constantly getting overwhelmed or out of their element. Deja and Josiah are most likely the most competent crew in the entire Pumpkin Patch. Will they resolve Josiah’s infatuation with the fudge girl or will they simply run out of time? Not your average hopeless romantic type… mostly.

Pumpkinheads is not some super conservative country Americana tale though. Deja for one is witty and savvy as the best of them. And Josiah might be a little too obsessed with succotash, but his heart is in the right place.

The Art is Just Right

I tried to do something I try sometimes and compared the level of influence of the dialogue versus the art. While both are good, the combination really sells it. Fall definitely has some of the best colors in nature itself. So, the bumpkin-pumpkin-patch power of the environment feels really nice to see the story unfold in. I could imagine the slightly chilly air, the scents as I mentioned, and even the timbre of the characters. The daylight to sunset to nighttime transition is just so nice too. Orange, purple, and black fill the horizons with a pleasant context.

See for yourself though, if it doesn’t make you hungry, it will make you comfy.

Pumpkinheads: Love It!

I think there doesn’t need to be a whole lot of commentary on this outside of what I’ve said. If you’re wondering if the book is as good as the front cover makes you think it is, well it is. The ending is great, and though I kind of knew it was going to happen I still eagerly turned each page with a smile.

Thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I’m going to try and do a ton more graphic novels because I love the format and honestly it’s balancing to the indie game reviews. If you like this review, take a look around, things are about to get real fun down here. Thanks for stopping by!

Another Kind: Cryptid Fun Hits Shelves, New Graphic Novel Review

Disclaimer about this Another Kind review: I cover a broad spectrum of content here at Mr. Dave Pizza, so please understand that everything here is not on the same level as this book. The intended audience of this book is “all-ages,” but this blog, although pretty darn wholesome, is not. This particular review is quite harmless though. Thank you.

I’m thrilled to bring you another installment in my comic/book reviews, which really needs to be here to fulfill my general body of knowledge, since, me being a writer, you can imagine I like books as much as games! Without a doubt, I’m tirelessly releasing indie game reviews. So in addition to games, let’s start a new trend by talking about this debut graphic novel from creators Cait May and Trevor Bream and publishing project Harper Alley known as Another Kind, a story about a group of cryptid youth government compound runaways on a mission to find safety and also learn more about their identities. This sounds like a game I’d play, but it’s definitely a book! (For the record, I was just kind of looking for something light to read during some traveling, and this looked fun.)

Maggie, Clarice, Nent, Jaali, Sylvie, and Omar

I’ve already seen a bajillion reviews saying this is Runaways with cryptids. I suppose that is a good analogy, and sure to catch some attention, especially with the new film from Marvel coming soon. Just to be factual and everything though, Maggie is the daughter of an eldritch god, with little Cthulu wings, and also hilarious. C’mon that’s creative. I really just cherished every single one of these characters though. From Omar the yeti, to Nent the kid reptilian. Are reptilians cryptids? Doesn’t really matter too much, because these characters have so much personality and find brilliant uses for their abilities. I even really adore Clarice who carries a seal pelt that turns her into a seal when she swims, but otherwise is mute and communicates in drawings.

For the record, the characters go through many labels throughout their journey. The most common is “irregularities.” Admittedly, it does have a very Marvel feeling to it. Especially when they learn that they’re not alone in their uniqueness at all!

It’s also fun to learn the dynamics of the species of each character, especially Sylvie the will-o-the-wisp, which I don’t know the full backstory on but has a vital role in the group. Every one of them has a profound ability to be helpful in the mission they’ve embarked upon.

Who’s Who in Another Kind?

For, clarity. Here is a list of each character and their alternate identity.

Omar: half-human teen, half yeti, broad fangs and what I’d call a combination of wisdom and strength, or instinct if you will, and a half-human appearance.

Sylvie: a freckly blonde will-o-the-wisp who becomes a mesmer capable of supernatural insight and manipulation, but at a cost.

Jaali: a shapeshifter, or were-bear who takes on the form of a bear, hoping to reunite with his father, also a were-bear.

Nent: A charming little reptilian alien estranged from a cunning race but instead an ambition to have a heart as warm as his human friends.

Clarice: Always kind of lurking in the background, but shapeshifts into a beautiful seal with her magic pelt, but also probably has one of the warmest hearts of them, I absolutely loved this character.

Maggie: And of course, Maggie! The show-stealing eldritch daughter of the king of the ocean. You will miss out if you don’t see her explain the backstory in washable marker graphics that take up the whole page. This was one moment that made me love this book.

There are also several other characters who take on mostly minor roles, and also the uber-creepy villain that drives the story’s conflict.

On The Road in Another Kind

So, the way things start out, the kids are staying in this confined housing where a team cares for them in the ways contemporary society has no room for outside. Without saying too much, the kids find themselves fairly soon taking things into their own hands. They wander through cities, forests, meeting friends and foes, there are even whole plot lines within plots that drive the story.

I found Another Kind really easy to follow along and read, which is one reason I chose it. Things just flow so naturally in this story, and I was constantly impressed by the fact that obstacles were quickly and thoroughly solved by the characters almost as soon as they had arrived. That is of course besides the major plot that influences everything in the story. That, of course, is not dealt with until much later on. The reality behind this is all the main characters are kids and teens, so of course, there’s not too much antagonism. It’s one reason this makes a good all-ages book. It also avoids the major cliche of kids getting angry and entitled for no reason, a common trope. These kids are good people, and I really enjoyed reading about them.

Cait May’s Brilliant Illustrations

Harper Alley Publisher of Another Kind

You can tell by the illustration of the cover that this book has some fantastic art. Also, heads up, the art on the inside is just as awesome as the cover, which doesn’t always happen. My eyes and brain were just loving the way everything looked. There were many visual references, like Jaali’s were-bear transformation that goes totally Animorphs. I really enjoyed the character art though, and I highly recommend her website if you want to see more. Or of course, read the book.

If I had to choose a few favorite illustrated moments, I’d probably go with the bus ride and the Mothman. Gosh, there are so many good scenes in Another Kind. There are these small details attended to that brought on the feels so hard. And inside gags, that for seasoned geeks like me were totally apparent and really appreciated! It made me laugh at all the right moments. Visually and verbally.

Final Thoughts

I found this book on Google Play. It is available pretty much everywhere you get books or comics. It’s available in print and ebook. Oh, by the way, this book JUST released 3 days ago. That’s one of the reasons I chose it as a Halloween read, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be. This book is released from a new publishing house called Harper Alley that wants to publish all-age graphic novels. There’s some great stuff from there, so search them out to find more.

I know a lot of people are here for the games, but I will return with those too. In the meantime, I hoped you enjoyed this reviewed read. Thank you Trevor and Cait, this was an absolute treat!

And to you, dear readers! Thank you so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. This is a personal project of mine to cover new chill games and content and support the indie movement.

Available at your local retailer, also available online. Here is the Harper Collins link:

Buy Another Kind by Caity May and Trevor Bream. Released October 26, 2021. From Harper Collins.



Not It: Spookiest Edition – This One Is Pretty Scary

Earlier this year, I took a look at a visual novel from this developer called The Last Act. Incidentally, they have a new act called Not It: Spookiest Edition just in time for Halloween. In fact, this whole game’s story revolves around an old legend of a curse that arrives every Halloween. I suppose, being on hiatus and everything, I can still find some room to squeeze this one in because this whole month I’m doing a Halloween theme. Also, it is released today, so that’s a scoop I can’t resist. Therefore, from a very distraction-free space, mostly, let me enthrall you with a first look at Not It: Spookiest Edition.

You may have guessed, Snowhaven Studios was awesome about hooking me up with a copy of this new VN because of my work on The Last Act. If you want to read about my experience with that title, you can check it out here:

Hello Visual Novels, Old Friend

VNs are essentially my favorite genre in the history of this site. I don’t even know at this point how many of my visitors are regulars, but a fair few might be able to notice this, really I have a link to all of them in my menu. Anyway, one thing I like about reviewing visual novels is it is kind of closer to a movie than a strategy-based game.
Not It: Spookiest Edition is really on board with this balance of interaction and passive entertainment.

One example is the fully voice-acted dialogue! You can not count on this a lot of the time because VNs are often solo projects. I found this a really good way to get immersed in the story.

Visually, everything is great too. I felt a major leap from the art style of the environment and characters that appear in The Last Act. It has the same style though, the kind of anime cartoon spectrum. Nice though.

I’m kind of glad that everything was so approachable, because in all honesty: this game is just a tad beyond just spooky, it’s got some very, well, scary moments.

So, That Turned Dark Quickly

Yeah, this game IS a horror game, but it was packaged so neatly that I felt alright with it. There is an option at the beginning of the title opening to select whether or not you want normal gore or less gore. I don’t exactly know what normal gore looks like because I am a coward, but apparently, it’s an option.

A good thing to know before I describe this, the choices you make in the game affect the rest of the way the story plays out and who, well, who’s gonna get ya!

For some background, you start off as a new townee in a small rural town that everybody has evacuated due to a curse that occurs every Halloween. You meet a group of people who explain their own views on the curse and eventually become your only allies in a whodunnit hotel mystery.

Some characters are more tolerable than others, but Willow is my favorite character and Joseph is my least. Decide for yourself, although I really disliked Joseph! No worries, just part of the game!

Anything Else You Need To Know About Not It: Spookiest Edition

That’s pretty much it. I don’t want to give away too much, but there you have it. I’ll emphasize, choices matter! But you have options and you can alter the course of the story, even start over. My second gameplay session came to a tragic end, but if you do what you can to survive, you’ll make it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Again, thanks to Snowhaven Studios for the preview. This game is perfect Halloween fun, so give it a go, you should too.

Thanks for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. I’ll be back here with more soon. Have a look around in the meantime!

Beautiful Halloween Games For Your Darkened Heart

Spooky Station, Fifo’s Night, Haunt the House, Pumpkin Jack, and Monster League. Spooky Station is actually 9 games too, I was boggling over what games to include, but I ultimately realized: how about everything? Let’s go! Fifo’s Night is some major deep cuttage, which we love here. And some recent covered games too! Are you ready for this frightful/thoughtful indie Halloween game list? Anything could happen…

Hit it!

1. Spooky Station: A Collection of Halloween Games

Spooky Station is an indie Halloween game collection. It has 9 mini-games altogether, the origin of which seems to be a mystery to me, but obviously, some sort of collaboration. So, I guess this actually makes this a list of thirteen games. *pumpkin face* Most of them are pretty easy, at first, but do not assume so quickly! Each of these games that I tried became more and more challenging the further I went on.

The three games I felt most drawn to were Cosmic Rain, Spookids, and Spooky Cooking. These were in my opinion the least scary or dark, also the easiest really. That’s just how I roll.

Cosmic Rain shows up every time I go to Itch.IO, so I was interested in what’s in store. It’s about Halloween for sure, but also color and mood. It’s a pretty compelling challenge, but not necessarily easy.

Spookids is one of the best for the money. In it, you can choose from one of four characters with different abilities. Characters: “Trickster Tom, Sinister Sarah, Sawyer Squashworth, and Vicious Vicky.” They’re all amusing Hallow’s Eve vibe monsters pretty much. And actually a surprisingly useful variety of abilities.

Spooky Cooking was the easiest, and my favorite because of how easy it was and the great sound the pumpkins make when they smoosh into something.

Games Featured in Spooky Station

It’s $4.99 though and available on Steam or Itch.IO.

Here is the list of all 9 games included in Spooky Station

  1. Cosmic Rain – Stack drops magically
  2. Curse Bringer – A Text Adventure
  3. Killing Moon – “A high school Halloween thriller”
  4. Spookids – Top Down RPG With Light Colors and Cryptid Foes
  5. Spooky Cooking – Frogger With Punkins and Junk (I really liked this one, cause it was easy)
  6. Thursday the 12th – I don’t know, judge for yourself
  7. Tower of 100 Floors – Creepy Classic, Rogue Like
  8. Wishing Sarah – Top Down Gameboy Adventure
  9. Worship the Demon Lord (with Friends) – A Co-Op, Title Explains All, Dark But Kind of Cute

2. Fifo’s Night: A Free Halloween Game

I discovered this one on Steam in the free bins. It’s sort of a Casper’ish theme 3D Platformer that involves collecting candy and exploring a castle with many secrets, areas, and passageways. I think it might have originally been a Spanish-speaking game because I had to switch over to English before I could play. So that’s something to be aware of. Guess what though, it’s FREE! I just downloaded it and started playing. It’s not bad. The camera could use some better tracking, which is not always easy to code–I understand, but it’s definitely playable.

Here’s some video I recorded of the first few areas, where you can see that whoever it was, did apply some effort here even though it’s free. The spook factor was about medium, not really scary, but wouldn’t play it on no sleep. However, it is definitely an indie Halloween game.

3. Pumpkin Jack: A Legendary Halloween Game

Halloween Game

Pumpkin Jack is a superior type of indie Halloween game. I was recommended this game by friends in Indie Game Collective, and really it was just what I needed to motivate getting it. Everything about it from the character illustration and stylizing to the fact that it was a solo dev was just right. Absolutely. Franken’. Everything.

You play as a resurrected avatar of all things Halloween, with some Ichabod Crane thrown in, and it’s just a fun game to run around with a lighthearted but chiding narrative. It has tons of replay value too. Actually, if there’s one game to get for sure this season, it’s probably Pumpkin Jack because I know my friends like it, and I like it too. It will set the tone for your Hallowed Eve right until the final boss, which luckily you get to take some time through this chilling yet eerily fun landscape.

Here is the link to my full review of Pumpkin Jack:

4. Haunt The House: A Halloween Classic

haunt the house terror town family friendly halloween indie game review title screen

Okay, what am I doing? Alright, this and the next two games are taken from my previous posts, although this one I actually posted last year, that’s totally fine I guess, because it appears this game has been around for a while, in other words: a classic. Haunt the House is a really neat animated game that involves flying around and into parts of mansions filled with people. You build up scare impact and earn achievements the better you do. Once you’ve completed the obstacles required, you can move on to a new mansion with a new theme. It sounds simple, but the fun art style combined with the excellent instrumental music make it one-of-a-kind and one of my top holiday games!

Here is the link to my full review of Haunt the House:

5. Monster League: A Halloween Kart Racing Game

Last, but not least, this apparently abandoned game from Render Cube, rockstars of the new Medieval Dynasty game. This one seems to be on hiatus for them, which is fine really, but it’s a pretty decent kart sports game for early access. That is, you can still get it. It’s not missing much of anything really, but controller vibration would do wonders. Actually even that is there, and I suspect a third-party app to accentuate the rumbling would help. All you need to know if you can play Rocket League style ice hockey as Frankenstein and more.

Link to my full review here:

Enjoy Your Games!

Thanks for tuning in to the Tuesday night Fright Fest on KWPIZZA. This is Mr. Dave Pizza. If you like what you see, have a look around, please come back… again and again and again and again.

Monster League: Honestly, It’s Not Bad, Just Monstrous

It did The Mash! Monster League is essentially a complete kart racing Halloween game from the makers of Medieval Dynasty. It sits on the roster of Early Access titles and has since 2019, but fans are still playing it and are still nudging the team for a full release even now. Nobody really knows what is happening, but I had a lot of fun with this game and encourage you to purchase it at its fairly modest price for your co-op party, your Twitch, or just playing something different. At the very least, why not be a bit thematic and go for the Halloween vibe.

There are a few things that make this still a work in progress, and I will share them, but I see so much work that has gone into this project that maybe it’s hopeful, or not, it’s not bad though. Maybe this can be revived, or resurrected if you will, but I sure do like playing kart hockey as Frankenstein…

My Pumpkin, “Vincent”

Let’s Do The Mash

Okay, I’ll lay all of this out here. Currently, after purchasing the Early Access you get the full Monster League game with access to several maps and a handful of characters on every game mode. There is a kart racing mode kind of like Mario Kart, a Rocket League-style game, hockey (which was my favorite), capture the flag, and battle mode. Not a bad variety at all. I feel like most co-ops might give you one two or three, but here, six! Swoon.

Along with my affinity for the hockey mode, which involved crashing karts into large pucks in a Rocket League setup, I also enjoyed racing quite a bit. There are two ways to play. With nitro boosters, and without. Try both. I had to make it as easy as possible so I could record a video, so I put everything on beginner and turned of boosts.

Next, wow, this looks amazing! The graphics in this somewhat obscure project are actually really, really good. Rarely do I attribute the quality of a game to graphics alone, and of course this is no exception, but they did improve my personal score for the game and overall enjoyment really. The way you can see the fur on Wolfie’s back or the grains of sand in the track ground, it’s not a bad touch really. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Bobbles and Trinkets

Okay, now that I’ve bashed the mechanics inadvertently, I’ll highlight some more aspects.

Everything has plenty of features. More features than you’d probably see on most co-op games. It is not far off from a AAA release. I’m not even kidding. Vibration and UI updates, maybe a few more characters, possibly a little more patient in the handling, that’s all you would need for this game. It is intended to be a multiplayer or co-op game, you can try this feature online or just play up to four controllers on your PC. Yeah, this is all PC by the way, that’s not new here really.

Monster League: Features

  • 6 Game Modes – Race, Ball, Hockey, Battle Mode, Capture the Frog, and Golden Egg
  • 6 Characters to Choose from: Vlad the Vampire, Cleo the Mummy, Abe the Yeti, William Werewolf, Jack the Pirate Skeleton, and Frank the Frankenstein
  • Multiple Maps for every mode from towering castles to creepy woods and ancient Egyptian pyramids
  • Original Sound Effects and Soundtrack with spooky enough sounds to accompany every environment
  • High Definition Graphics with excellent attention to detail
  • Possibly More Someday

More Thoughts on Monster League

I didn’t mind this at all. Competition is always going to be stiff if you’re going against Mario Kart 8, but they aren’t trying to say that it isn’t. Actually, there are all sorts of fun games imitated including Rocket League. This is intended mostly to be a party game with multiplayer, something which sounds cool if you’ve got a good setup and compliant friends.

I mentioned the vibration and the dev drag enough here. The only other issue I had, which isn’t even really an issue, is the weird popping noise the item boxes make when running into them. I had to turn my sound-effect volume almost completely off because it was so loud. I hardly noticed it after.

And that’s it. I think this game is great, and I think it should be revived, however, it also has a lot of great content already and it’s a nice change of scenery. It’s especially suited around this time of year, and I’d gladly get some pumpkin flavor snacks and hot bubbling cider to go with it.

Wa, Hoo!

If you liked this article, please come back again. Consider supporting these independent views if you like them. And thank you much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza! Happy Halloween!

P.S. This game is also part of a compilation of 4 other Halloween games on this site here:

Pumpkin Jack – How Did One Person Make This!? – Review

I petitioned my friends yesterday for a list of games they consider Halloween thematic for an easily spooked dude like myself. I knew of Pumpkin Jack as a backburner game that I had seen last year and lamented myself for not having my affairs in order to get it on the review list! That was during that standalone year of 2020 that had enough triggers as it is. That’s why, when my peers suggested Pumpkin Jack I was excited to see it as a standing contender. And to be honest, some of the non-straight-up horror genre games this year are not the type of visual fantasticness that Pumpkin Jack is. So, after plunking down the kinda premium toll on Steam, I’m here to tell you why Pumpkin Jack is worth the cost if you are into indie platformers and want something that’s bound to get you into the Halloween spirit–all-year-long!

Let’s take a crack at Stingy Jack.

Platforms: PC. Switch, Xbox, Playstation

Pumpkin Jack Visual Impressions

You’ll find plenty of fun glowy visuals here. Purple, green, orange–all the important Halloween colors. And there’s a great glow around just about everything filled with all sorts of “fel” or alchemical magic. I really enjoy the green glow around the nefarious owls and mocking ravens. Strange alchemical instruments seem to be scattered around from cauldrons to lambics in old barns. They too have a delightful, mischievous glow.

And Jack himself? Well, he just looks and moves around with incredible agility.

A Few Thoughts on the Plot

I know for a fact that this game was created by a solo indie developer, which alone is simply amazing due to the elaborate mechanics. But the story is a pretty amusing concoction as well. I’m not terribly interested in drawing upon the mythos of dark deities, but they make their way into games fairly often. Simply explained, it’s a war between good and bad with magical everything. It is quite hilarious though, and I think you’ll find it to be very entertaining even though it does that weird thing that Fable did with a narrative of indifferent morality. Whatever though, it’s fun, and I think it’s totally wicked how wicked it gets.

Pumpkin Jack Gameplay

Alright, here’s the good stuff. This game is really really fun to play and easily has replay value due to its obstacles and challenging environments. About half an hour in I was on the edge of my seat trying to jump through an inferno of platforms, trying not to jump into a chasm of having to try again, over and over. It was not impossible by any means, no, no. It had just the level of difficulty and real achievability that flow was awesome in this area. I stopped my gameplay video here because I fell twice and already had a good impression of the game. I might play the whole thing again. It was nice on the controller too. And the screenshots on Steam make it looks totally awesome.

If spooky 3D platformers are your gaming thing, give rise this Halloween to the PUMPKIN KING! “Mwahahaha!

Dooo It

I have no reservations about suggesting this game. People seem to love it. It does stand on the high-end price mark for a solo dev game, but it really is quality and that’s what I’m all about here. If you do happen to see it for sale at another time of year though, I would say grab it. It does and will go on sale with spikes in the Fall obviously.

Thanks so much for reading Mr. Dave Pizza. Who knows what’s next here, but I’ll continue to do my duty of sharing cool games. I hope you enjoyed it. Please have a look around and come by again!

On Steam:

Haunt The House: Terrortown – It’s A Very Colorful Game Worth Your Time

I wanted to offer something that is compatible with whatever affectation you have this All Hallows Eve, so I stumbled upon a game called Haunt the House: Terrortown. Or rather it popped up on my Steam store (although, bonus: it’s on macOS too!) This game has been around long before I started writing about games, but it has a timeless quality that simply needs to be shared. It’s basically a borderline Tim Burton funhouse-style game. Your mission, as the protagonist cartoony ghost, is to possess items throughout four moderately-sized levels. Try to scare as many NPC characters as possible by spinning around paintings or making decorations walk around. Nearly everything is interactable too, which has always been a plus for me in games.

Anything can happen on Halloween. I’m telling you, Tim Curry is telling you, this holiday gets me pump(kin)ed up! Luckily it doesn’t have to be an anxious one. I wonder if this year of our gourd 2020 would bring a less creepy vibe than years past, but I guess we’ll see. The decorations for sale in the big box store mail ads confirm that pretty much nothing is changing at all. Aside from socially distant candy chutes at least.

Spooktacular Observations in Haunt the House

It is really really simple, and quite fun. I absolutely love the graphics. It is kind of Nickelodeon-style flat graphics and very animated. The wonderful Halloween organ music sets the mood for your dastardly hijinks on the honest folk of Terror Town. This is not a game to get overwhelmed with. The levels are fairly small, but not at all lacking in content for a 5 dollar game. That’s right 5 dollars, whip out those laundry quarters.

Haunt the House Terrortown Circus
Haunt the House. The art in this game is so much fun!
Haunt the House Terrortown
Haunt the House: Terror Town
Haunt the House Terrortown Christmas
There’s even a North Pole level!

Basically, this game is not scary, and thats what I love about it. It IS a Halloween game, and a good one. I love the North Pole level because it just broadcasts its not meant to be scary but offer the same spooky mechanics. Actually I’m more scared of cooking with an Instapot than I am this game. And they do make delicious food and are basically not even dangerous, so make up your mind. I haven’t figured out how to scare enough people with substantial scariness to complete a level. I really don’t even mind though, because it’s fun to test things out. Obviously, the game has a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe, so the Halloween nostalgia is fierce!

Full disclosure, this game was released in 2016 and costs 5 dollars on Steam. However, that is not a flaw. If you’re somebody who goes full on Halloween mode, realistically creepy or cartoonishly creepy as preference, check it out! It’s also controller friendly if that is as much of a bonus for you as it is for me! I totally recommend this game.

Final Thoughts

Haunt The House has probably never had a review this long, but it is a really nice find, and that is what I try to do, find good games! I attempted to buff this review with a review of the Goosebumps-themed Halloween game for this review, but I couldn’t even get it to load, so forget that and just enjoy Haunt the House. I loved Goosebumps though, and if you’ve discovered the non-violent path of franchise fandom you know about these already, or remember them at least, which is why this game will appeal to you.

Thanks so much for reading I wrote this some time ago, but this game still holds up and I’d like to make more. In the meantime, feel free to browse around and look at whatever you like. Also, whatever time of the year it is, Happy Halloween! (at least for the baubles and snacks)