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    Making a Simple Platformer With Godot

    Let’s talk about Godot tilemaps. Have you ever played a 2D platformer or Metroidvania and wanted to know how it is made? Maybe you are already making one. I’m back for another insight into the cryptic, enigmatic, secretive, open-source world of indie game development. Tongue-in-cheek there. But I am reaching out to you devs out there to talk about some very useful primary knowledge in Godot TileMaps! Particularly beginners. Before You Start This…

  • phoenotopia awakening pixel art pink hair indie game gameplay

    First Impressions of Phoenotopia Demo on Nintendo Switch

    Phoenotopia is more than a cozy pixel-art game about a hero with pink hair. There are some pretty deep theme but also pleasant gameplay. For a sample, a group in Phoenotopia known as the last councils decide the fate of humanity. This game has emotional and philosophical depth. But once again, it’s buffered with some enjoyable run and jump platforming. In my playtest of the demo, I enjoyed the open world environment and…

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  • itch io indie pixel art racing game

    5 Great Itch.IO Games to Try

    I recently, officially delved into a world which is mysterious yet intriguing on the game review front to me. That world is Itch.io. If you are unfamiliar with this website, it is an all inclusive community of solo-dev and indie dev game projects. It’s got everything from free games to digital game building resources. It’s also host to some pretty weird stuff, and I’m okay with that, because there is so much creative…

  • big journey cat indie game cute funny

    The Big Journey is an Old Indie Game Involving Cats & Dumplings

    Hey, when you say “roll around a dumpling-eating cat,” do you mean that literally? You do? Really? Okay, I’m in. Play The Big Journey and roll around a cat, who should be named Alpuss Dumplingdore (do not deny what a perfect name that would be.) Alright, alright. There’s nothing that bizarre about this game. Firstly, The Big Journey is unique, however, once you jump in, it’s pretty fleshed out. Secondly, despite the weird…