• Creative Writing

    The Christmas Power Glove (A Silly Flash Fiction)

    Power Glove Ad Screen

    I could do anything with the Christmas Power Glove. Decorate trees, bake gingerbread cookies, send letters to Santaโ€ฆ inscribe my name on the moon. Woah, wait a minute, Iโ€™m letting this get to my head, itโ€™s too much. Iโ€™m not saying Iโ€™m blaming him, but I had a bad feeling when the glove shot 10-foot streams of fire and melted the snowman someone had made behind my car on the driveway. His carrot nose looked like a burnt hot dog. I knew we weren't dealing with some ho-ho-homemade electronics projects, the Christmas Power Glove was bad, so bad. It made…

  • Demos

    The Last Friend: (Doggos and Stuff) Switch Demo Review

    The Last Friend Menu

    In between monitoring my every action, eShop suggested I check out what demos were out. I had really been looking for them though! So, this game The Last Friend showed up as a demo out. The art looked cool and didn't seem too derivative of anything course. So, I downloaded it and loaded it up. The Last Friend is a brawler kind of game with some turret defense mechanics. Most importantly, however, is all your sidekicks are dogs! WHAT. I think this is actually going to be a pretty cool game because of the variety of levels, learning curves, gentle…

  • Indie

    5 Cool Indie Switch Games Reviewed

    part-time ufo lifting oranges for farmer indie switch game

    I’ve been meditating on a few game on my Switch that I simply didn’t have a lot to say about but that I enjoyed playing. I recorded some gameplay and present it to you here with some short thoughts on some good, even popular, but fully engrossing with no absolution for full-length articles. So, as you my guess, you’re in for a treat. (P.S. The numerical order of the games has no significance other than organization.) 1. Part-Time UFO I love this game. I don’t know how they managed to make a game about a UFO with a claw so…

  • Mainstream Faves

    Minecraft Fans Dream Of 64-Bit Sheep

    minecraft 100% pure popular video game survival craft

    Minecraft rocks. It blocks and rolls. I first played this game around I want to say 2009. People in my social circle were going bonkers for this game. Or “bonkies” as I now want to say, but that’s unrelated. I was really hesitant because it seemed to short circuit my interest in sandbox gameplay with how I felt about low res graphics. It’s basically still that way, but this is one of the most popular games ever, so I return to it frequently. Chop Down Trees With Ya’ Bare Fists! Ah, yes, a glorious sunrise in Minecraft valley amongst the…

  • Indie

    Carto: Pieces of the Map: Review

    caro pieces of map cute indie puzzle game art

    Finally, my love of tile board games like Carcassonne has been revived. But it’s completely different mind you. Carto is a tile-placement puzzle released to much praise last year. My first impressions were very positive, but I set it aside until today. It’s a terrific game! While it’s probably the best adjective, I’m not real fond of describing games as cute anymore, because there are so many vocabularic adjectives for a game of this caliber. Perhaps this, “clever,” “witty,” “minimalist,” “pleasant,” “empathic.” There’s a whole slew of wonderful descriptions. So, let me garner your attention and put the pieces together…

  • Mainstream Faves

    Yoshi’s Crafted World: Review

    yoshi's crafted world fun family friendly nintendo game

    I had to remember how to play this game, but once I did I remembered how care free it is to play this game, a nice array of forgiving obstacles and a high attention to detail in its very particular artistic style. I meant to write something about it a while ago, but I kept overthinking it. Today I have some video, screenshots, and seasoned thoughts on Yoshiโ€™s Crafted World.

  • Indie

    Knights and Bikes: Fantastically Indie and Fun!

    knights and bikes indie game funny award winning artistic

    I knew when I read the description of Knights and Bikes on the Nintendo eShop page, and the bounty of awards adorning it, that this was probably going to be pretty cool. It explores some great themes like imagination, curiosity, and adventure. Also, itโ€™s about finding those adventures in a place you donโ€™t need to journey far to find.

  • Tips

    Nintendo Switch: The Powerful, Affordable, Portable Console For Playing and Downloading Games

    nintendo switch box

    I read a headline today that said that, this holiday season, the Nintendo Switch outsold XBox and Playstation 4-1. The Switch is a nice candidate for such a purchase, since it is about $200 cheaper than the next gen console alternatives, but there are some other advantages as well besides price. Recently, I talked about how the Wii U made me re-enter the world of gaming and this site earlier this year. What a way to go about it too. If youโ€™re what you would consider, a serious gamer, if there is such a thing, the Switch is totally viable.…

  • Mainstream Faves

    Super Mario 3D All Stars: It’sa me! It’sa me! It’sa me! Ad Infinitum!

    super mario 3d all stars title

    Super Mario 3D All Stars for all parties interested, is a special release from Nintendo this year for the Switch which contains three classic Mario games spruced up for HD and available for a limited time offer in physical as well as digital form. They're serious about the limited time too, which has some scratching their heads but it is what it is. I don't sign on as Dave Ubercollector Pizza instead of Dave Pizza, but I believe this is what is called a chase. Or something.

  • Mainstream Faves

    Animal Crossing: Getting Started

    animal crossing new horizons ver. 1.5.1 scoot umbrella title

    This game is for Nintendo Switch only! I should have mentioned that. In fact, this game is essentially the major reason I now have a Nintendo Switch. There are so many good games for Switch that are perfectly mindful and low stress, but the media circling around how wonderful this game actually did sell me in a moment of post-materialistic rebellion that I actually donโ€™t really regret. This game took me to a new realm of peaceful gameplaying.