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    Inked – A Tale of Love: Now on Switch, With Touchscreen!

    Well, here I am, back to keep things fresh here in the pizzeria arcade (this is a lie.) I have the privilege of receiving a review copy for what was originally a PC game, now out on Switch, Xbox, and Playstation. Today I tested out the Switch version on the handheld mode and made my way through the first couple of chapters to see how well the transition has been (plus promote it to new players!) I've seen sketch-style game graphics before, but I was curious to see what this was all about. The developer reached out to my friends…

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    Down In Bermuda – Cozy Puzzle Game (Review)

    Yak & Co released Down in Bermuda catering to the growing indie cozy fanbase Q3 of 2019. Yes, this game is over two years old, but with the occasional mega discounts, from time to time and continuing interest it's cognizant to explore. It's still relevant, fun, and cozy--indeed. The level of a-ha moments in this puzzle platformer is suited to YouTube, Twitch, or wherever you want to turn a gathering into a chill hangout. And even as much on your own, whether it's the hunt of unlocking a puzzle on intuition alone that interests you or the pastel color stylizing,…

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    “non – The First Warp” Take Your Time

    "non - The First Warp" is a unique puzzle-platformer released this summer. It stirs up themes of hypnagogic-like environments and alien sci-fi worlds, that feels like a strew of estranged organs and strange puzzles. Okay, I'm in. Play a purple alien in this squishy puzzle environment, where cluess seem to live within the structure of the game like some giant biological telephone book.

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    Carto: Pieces of the Map: Review

    caro pieces of map cute indie puzzle game art

    Finally, my love of tile board games like Carcassonne has been revived. But it’s completely different mind you. Carto is a tile-placement puzzle released to much praise last year. My first impressions were very positive, but I set it aside until today. It’s a terrific game! While it’s probably the best adjective, I’m not real fond of describing games as cute anymore, because there are so many vocabularic adjectives for a game of this caliber. Perhaps this, “clever,” “witty,” “minimalist,” “pleasant,” “empathic.” There’s a whole slew of wonderful descriptions. So, let me garner your attention and put the pieces together…

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    The Last Campfire: A Spark Hiding in the Darkness

    last campfire sentimental cute interesting indie puzzle game switch graphics

    I hesitated the first time I played this. I was up late at night and wanted to try something relaxing and I chose The Last Campfire on the Switch. Visually nice, interesting, but I was a little startled by the minuscule, but there, elements of macabre. Okay, it was just a single skeleton, but thatโ€™s enough to not be my usual thing! I set it aside and havenโ€™t thought about it in a while. Iโ€™m happy to inform you that this game is actually quite good. It needs to be reconsidered by skeptics, even you if you are one. Itโ€™s…

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    The Gardens Between: Perfect Puzzles

    gardens between popular indie game on switch review title

    I'm not sure if the preface of this game is an homage to any other pop culture time traveling islands, but maybe not. I had some theories while playing that maybe some kind of altered planes of existence, which had me thinking about the name. The title, The Gardens Between has a mystical ring to it, but I don't know if that is intentional. I think it might be, but that is my own projection. There's no dialogue or anything to reveal these things, but that's actually okay with me because it's super original and such an interesting gameplay experience!

  • Miscellaneous

    Nordlicht: A Pleasant Northern Title

    nordlich puzzle solving scandinavian game hidden object

    Nordlicht is a family friendly story book stylized find-the-object game with casual references to Nordict life and the lore/mythology of the viking culture in an anachronistic presentation. You investigate diverse levels with hidden objects and puzzles to solve to complete steps in an adventure story. I think this game would be fun in a family setting, but I found it intriguing enough to investigate as an adult.