Haunt The House: Terrortown – It’s A Very Colorful Game Worth Your Time

I wanted to offer something that is compatible with whatever affectation you have this All Hallows Eve, so I stumbled upon a game called Haunt the House: Terrortown. Or rather it popped up on my Steam store (although, bonus: it’s on macOS too!) This game has been around long before I started writing about games, but it has a timeless quality that simply needs to be shared. It’s basically a borderline Tim Burton funhouse-style game. Your mission, as the protagonist cartoony ghost, is to possess items throughout four moderately-sized levels. Try to scare as many NPC characters as possible by spinning around paintings or making decorations walk around. Nearly everything is interactable too, which has always been a plus for me in games.

Anything can happen on Halloween. I’m telling you, Tim Curry is telling you, this holiday gets me pump(kin)ed up! Luckily it doesn’t have to be an anxious one. I wonder if this year of our gourd 2020 would bring a less creepy vibe than years past, but I guess we’ll see. The decorations for sale in the big box store mail ads confirm that pretty much nothing is changing at all. Aside from socially distant candy chutes at least.

Spooktacular Observations in Haunt the House

It is really really simple, and quite fun. I absolutely love the graphics. It is kind of Nickelodeon-style flat graphics and very animated. The wonderful Halloween organ music sets the mood for your dastardly hijinks on the honest folk of Terror Town. This is not a game to get overwhelmed with. The levels are fairly small, but not at all lacking in content for a 5 dollar game. That’s right 5 dollars, whip out those laundry quarters.

Haunt the House Terrortown Circus
Haunt the House. The art in this game is so much fun!
Haunt the House Terrortown
Haunt the House: Terror Town
Haunt the House Terrortown Christmas
There’s even a North Pole level!

Basically, this game is not scary, and thats what I love about it. It IS a Halloween game, and a good one. I love the North Pole level because it just broadcasts its not meant to be scary but offer the same spooky mechanics. Actually I’m more scared of cooking with an Instapot than I am this game. And they do make delicious food and are basically not even dangerous, so make up your mind. I haven’t figured out how to scare enough people with substantial scariness to complete a level. I really don’t even mind though, because it’s fun to test things out. Obviously, the game has a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe, so the Halloween nostalgia is fierce!

Full disclosure, this game was released in 2016 and costs 5 dollars on Steam. However, that is not a flaw. If you’re somebody who goes full on Halloween mode, realistically creepy or cartoonishly creepy as preference, check it out! It’s also controller friendly if that is as much of a bonus for you as it is for me! I totally recommend this game.

Final Thoughts

Haunt The House has probably never had a review this long, but it is a really nice find, and that is what I try to do, find good games! I attempted to buff this review with a review of the Goosebumps-themed Halloween game for this review, but I couldn’t even get it to load, so forget that and just enjoy Haunt the House. I loved Goosebumps though, and if you’ve discovered the non-violent path of franchise fandom you know about these already, or remember them at least, which is why this game will appeal to you.

Thanks so much for reading MrDavePizza.com. I wrote this some time ago, but this game still holds up and I’d like to make more. In the meantime, feel free to browse around and look at whatever you like. Also, whatever time of the year it is, Happy Halloween! (at least for the baubles and snacks)