The Zen of Zombie is the Only Weird & Hilarious Guide to The Wisdom of Zombies BOOK REVIEW

The Zen of Zombie is a satirical self-help book by Scott Kenemore published in 2007 about tips for better living in the metaphor of the zombie. Kenemore uses this raucous book to examine parallels between Zen psychology with the paradigm of zombie existentialism. Not just social or corporate zombies, although those are covered, but actual re-animated brain-eating zombies. Learn about 24 effective habits of zombies from persistence to free will to deal with… Read the rest

Going Under is A Really Colorful, Fun Game But Hard REVIEW

Going Under: Internships are Heck is a stylistic, colorful, satirical beat โ€™em up from Aggrocrab Games. Here we go again. I am officially hooked on Going Under. Snagging it quickly on release day, I have some observations on what this is all about, and I like it. Mainly that it looks great and is very tongue-in-cheek hilarious in addressing some very thematic cultural themes in start-up businesses. What the fizzโ€™ is it? FIzzle… Read the rest