• Wingspan tutorial

    How to Play Wingspan – A Tutorial for Beginners

    Wingspan is an exciting concept from top to bottom. It involves all manner of birds in either a card-driven board game, or a cross-platform video game–both essentially based on the same original concept. Bird lovers want everything to do with this game, me included, and with the different ways to play it we deserve to. I have to say, however, that after my initial foray into Wingspan, I was thrilled with the bird…

  • Mini Motorways Game Logo

    Mini Motorways is A Little Great Game About Traffic

    Mini Motorways is a delightful traffic planning sim released within the last month. It boasts charming flat graphic aesthetics with an intuitive casual style game experience. The sleek 2D environment bleeds indie simplicity worthy of a gaming machine or a new phone. The gameplay is relatively simple but allows interactive city planning in a selection of metropolitans all around the world. Start with a small group of structures within the map and drag…

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  • Catlateral Damage Title Screen

    Catlateral Damage is A Hilarious Hidden Gem

    Catlateral Damage is a game from Itch.IO that is so simple in concept, but so enjoyable that way! I also know it is time for another review! This game is part of a bundle I obtained and is one of many great games over at Itch. The game is about you, a cat, in a playground suitable for the mischievous antics of a cat. The objective of the game is to knock stuff…

  • surviving mars title

    Surviving Mars is the New Staggeringly Ambitious Space Indie

    Surviving Mars is a scientific strategy and simulation game about colonizing the red planet. Players are taken through the very basics of roving the terrain for information and resources. As their knowledge increases, it becomes possible to start envisioning an extraplanetary colony. Learn about theoretical technologies as well as real ones and how they interplay in our future on Mars. Within this context, it is a game about exploration and survival! Surviving Mars:…

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  • burnstar cheap switch co-op game review title screen

    Burnstar is a Bargain Rogue-Like on Nintendo Switch

    Burnstar is one of those games that doesn’t have a sweeping setup for buying a bunch of junk. It’s just cool looking and fun, and the sound design is funkalicious. You can play this game either as a single-player or co-op. I think co-op would probably be easier, but I did alright on single-player. Lurked the Nintendo eShop this morning for a good match for a new section of my site I’m expanding…