Hollow Knight Holds Up, And a Sequel is in the Works

This review was rehauled for 2023 with the whispers of the internet saying once again “Silksong.” Will this be the year? Gamers have been waiting patiently for a sequel to Hollow Knight for, well, A LONG TIME. But the creators of this series know that their audience needs, no wants, no gnashes for it. And it’s not totally obvious to some players, who just see it as a mid-tier hand-drawn platformer. Either way, it’s worth trying this game out if you want a game not confined to an era or trend or anything really; people have branded it indie without… Read the rest

Potion Craft is the New Alchemy Game That Everyone Loves

Okay, let’s talk about this brilliant game, Potion Craft. The idea is you are an alchemist, your regular fantasy world potion maker basically. Without too much ado, you take over an old wizard’s house and are tasked to turn it into a flourishing potion shop. Everything involves active interaction with objects to create, discover, and learn new potions. This game kind of reminds me of Good Pizza, Great Pizza, only medieval with healing potions and mythical lands, developed on a sturdy scroll of parchment left in the clay pot in the corner. These trade-style games are starting to really entertain… Read the rest

Nordlicht is The Sweet Indie About Nordic Family Life

I feel privileged to review this game since there seems to be sparse information elsewhere, but I think you’re going to like it. At only $3.99 on the eShop, the regular price, it’s a great deal with sophisticated gameplay for the casual gamer or family. You can probably complete it within a couple of hours depending on your detective skills, but it’s a generously paced experience.  Nordlicht is a family-friendly storybook stylized find-the-object game with casual references to Nordic life and the lore/mythology of the Viking culture in an anachronistic presentation. You investigate diverse levels with hidden objects and puzzles… Read the rest