• Potion Craft Tutorial

    Potion Craft Tips, Tricks, and Secrets You Need

    Getting started with Potion Craft can be intriguing and fun but also confusing–by nature. The game features role playing game elements mixed with strategy and casual gameplay. It’s one of the hottest games out there for alchemy sims, but quickly has become a diverse favorite for gamers. I’ve taken some time to compile some tips and tricks I think are essential to the full release version of this game and will guide you…

  • Wingspan tutorial

    How to Play Wingspan – A Tutorial for Beginners

    Wingspan is an exciting concept from top to bottom. It involves all manner of birds in either a card-driven board game, or a cross-platform video game–both essentially based on the same original concept. Bird lovers want everything to do with this game, me included, and with the different ways to play it we deserve to. I have to say, however, that after my initial foray into Wingspan, I was thrilled with the bird…

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  • Untitled Goose Game Goose Cheating Mod Featured Image

    How to Cheat in Untitled Goose Game With Mods (A Quick & Easy Guide)

    There’s no question that as cozy and casual as Untitled Goose Game is, it’s still pretty difficult. I don’t judge people for using cheat mods, I show them how to use them safely. Today, I’ve got a great cheat mod for Untitled Goose Game that you need to try out if you’re on PC and love modding indie games. I’ll walk you through the steps of updating Nexus Mods for BepInEx so you…

  • Cuphead Easy Mode

    Does Cuphead Have an Easy Mode? Not Really, but Kind of…

    Is there really a Cuphead easy mode? The legendary game Cuphead, as we know it, harks back to a potent generation of ambitious indie breakthroughs. Yes, back in good old 2017, it was released on Steam and Xbox with others after for our joy–and perhaps torment. Incidentally, this is the main, if not the only, game to ever really nail down the vintage hand-drawn style with such success. The first time I’d ever…

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  • Nintendo Switch screenshots transfer to PC

    Nintendo Screenshot Transfer Guide For Those Who Want to Know

    Most devices with USB capability have almost complicit plug-and-play, the Nintendo Switch mostly does too–almost. In this brief tutorial, I’ll tell you how to transfer switch screenshots via USB with no problems. This includes videos captured onto the Switch as well. Let’s get started. The ability to transfer screenshots from the Nintendo Switch can be ironically confusing with all the support for social media the console has. There are a lot of content…

  • Astroneer Cheat Engine

    Easy Way to Install Cheat Engine for Astroneer & Other Games

    Cheat Engine is a utility that allows loading “cheat tables” for personal use in offline gameplay for games that don’t have integrated cheat codes. If you’re nostalgic like me, think “Game Genie.” Using mods and cheat tools is not unethical or lazy and you should have no insecurity about wanting to use them! I’ll show you the best way to install Cheat Engine safely so you can experiment with this fun program too.…

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  • Stardew Valley Mods Guide

    How to Install & Launch SMAPI in Steam for Stardew Valley

    I’ll show you how to install and launch SMAPI in Steam for Stardew Valley as well as a few other tricks like installing a cheat code mod. SMAPI and its compatible mods not only make the game have longer replayability but actually can save you a ton of time if you’re a casual player. Using mods is a great way to make the best use of your playtime. So, let’s jump right in…


    Kraino Origins Spins My Spooky Indie Wheels

    Here we go with Kraino Origins. Add this to your Halloween Indie Game countdowns, because it’s got enough spook for the whole community. This game feels like it was made from the plucking of my own seasonal heartstring, with its borderline creep-fest color scheme and environment. Slash your way through constant monsters, zombies, and ghouls in this 2D platformer that spans 8 bosses–now out on Steam! Kraino Origins – What Is This Magic?…

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  • free games on Steam

    How to Find Free Games on Steam

    This is a tutorial on how to find and download free games on Steam. If you’re familiar with the Steam client store or website, you might know the layout can be incredibly open-ended. I use it every day, and it is one of my most useful resources. This allows for some exploration of methods to filter new games posted. Steam is considered one of the most essential clients for finding new game releases…

  • How to Use JoyToKey

    JoyToKey and How I Use It To Keybind Controllers for Gaming

    This article is about how to keybind your game controller with JoytoKey to play games that require various keyboard keys to play. I use this with browser games on Itch.IO, if there is no native controller support. A lot of platformers and games on Itch.IO and Steam use a keyboard and mouse, but generally, I prefer controller support. Keybinding is a useful ability that can allow you to play more responsively, or even…

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  • Starbound Beginner's Guide

    Starbound – Completing the First Planet (Quick Guide)

    In Starbound, you use Terraria-style mining mechanics to collect materials and progress through the galaxy. This game was released in 2016. It has had some resurgence thanks to a re-release of the game on the invaluable Xbox PC Game Pass platform. I figured since I didn’t find immediate coverage of my own questions, new players may be wondering how to progress in this game. The game takes place in outer space. It has…


    The Truth About Writing Characters You Love

    Writing characters to seem real is essentially the sport of writing in a nutshell. Yet whether you are writing a book, engaging in some tabletop roleplaying, or creating a homunculus in your basement, there are some strategies. In fact, the title of this article was inspired by a very famous author I saw on television talking about how little time he spent developing story parts that it all actually sounded kind of–well–easy. The…

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    The Ultimate Truth on World Building

    This article is a how-to on world building in writing. This article is equally accessible to creative writers, visual novel devs, and game devs. The devs are, of course, in the worldbuilding phase, but perhaps there is even another application I’ve overlooked, screenplay writing maybe. If you don’t even know what I’m talking about? Don’t worry! This is a general concept here. So, with that, let’s get you started. “Guys, where ARE we?”…


    How to Write Game Reviews

    So you want to know how to write game reviews? As I glide through a tremendous Steam list full of unique reviews, it’s actually pretty awesome that gamers are getting involved and writing thoughtful reviews even though some are, not inaccurately, candid. Praising reviews and critical reviews both serve a purpose. Even a 5-word sentence that reads something like “Just spins me around infinitely” is actually helpful, because if the game costs $20,…

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  • Godot Logo

    Making a Simple Platformer With Godot

    Let’s talk about Godot tilemaps. Have you ever played a 2D platformer or Metroidvania and wanted to know how it is made? Maybe you are already making one. I’m back for another insight into the cryptic, enigmatic, secretive, open-source world of indie game development. Tongue-in-cheek there. But I am reaching out to you devs out there to talk about some very useful primary knowledge in Godot TileMaps! Particularly beginners. Before You Start This…

  • astroneer title spaceship low poly

    Astroneer Takes the Space Sim Genre to New Heights

    Astroneer is a low poly space sim with a playful and colorful, stylized atmosphere. It uses its practical fundamental mechanics and graphics to pull off an engaging and creative experience. After completing the tutorial on your basic tools and resources available, the game is essentially an open-world sandbox where you can develop your base camp or head to another planet. It is similar to games like The Outer Worlds and No Man’s Sky,…

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  • animal crossing new horizons ver. 1.5.1 scoot umbrella title

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Still One of Nintendo’s Top Games (For a Reason)

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is essentially the original reason I now have a Nintendo Switch. There are so many good games for Switch that are perfectly mindful and low-stress, but the media circling around how wonderful this game actually did sell me in a moment of post-materialistic rebellion that I actually don’t really regret. This game took me to a new realm of peaceful gameplaying. Okay, I Have Animal Crossing, Now What? Humble…