The Beggar’s Ride is a Terrific Old Indie You Should Know About

beggars ride 3d creative indie puzzle game gods

I did not know I would be playing, so soon, another bearded wanderer taking on deific powers again after Chronology, but here I am. What a wonderful this game is. It is so complex and challenging, yet the creative touch of the creators guide you and your bewildered hero all the way. And it looks magnificent! I think I am starting to develop a crush on beautiful 2D side-scrollers!

It Begins

The idea of this game is you basically start a journey in an unknown path as a quiet beggar. You soon learn that you possess the powers of a god. Clouds are shifted, vessels are filled, and the beat goes on. Players have described this game as having an emotional impact on them. I can relate. The Beggar’s Ride has some cool storytelling choices that give you some context for why this is happening.

It’s also something I notice that “quality” games tend to utilize, since it gives you a reason to keep playing. This is a good move because it’s honestly a little random otherwise. Not that I’m complaining, but I’m really grateful for the narrator and gorgeous info blurbs around the edges of the platform.

In any light, however, this game has some pretty wonderful mechanics all throughout its track. The god powers alone, are so cool, and I really felt like I had an upper hand of determination in how I would progress. These powers are absolutely crucial.


I want to add, in respect of its creators, I, gratefully, always felt like I was pleasantly being encourage to try and figure out these puzzles. They were familiar to any old, patient observer who’d witnessed the days of any quintessential puzzle title like Myst and such, but it was totally new and rewarding. The puzzles reminded me a lot of Breath of the Wild and also Portal. Very geometric in nature, and pretty unique too.

The powers you will uncover in this story are not limited to one category. Before I even finished the first story I unlocked two masks each with a different primal power that allowed me to control rain or the earth (by tilting the ground.) Incidentally, this is a power in another game I tried recently called The Big Journey which involves a dumpling eating cat. I digress.

Some Relevant Knowledge

Just a little background on the game name. You may have heard it somewhere before. It’s from a classic, Scottish proverb and nursery rhyme that goes like this, “If horses were wishes, beggars would ride,” meaning basically if wishes made desires come true then everybody would have everything.

It’s kind of suitable for this game I guess, although it feels like something I’ve seen somewhere before. During my gameplay I didn’t notice anything particularly haggard or wanting about the protagonist gentleman aside from some weathered gloves. He didn’t seem to mind that he was on this adventure though. I didn’t mind that I was either.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s it. To expand more on this is probably not necessary. You’ll really get the most from it, by checking it out. I absolutely loved this game and I hope I can continue to find more games like this like the beggars of the title’s metaphor. Probably won’t have too much trouble, but I’ll be back to let you know!

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