The Cultist Simulator is a Great Introduction to Lovecraftian Gameplay

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The Cultist Simulator was offered on Play Pass, so I sat down and played it on my tablet before this. My Play Pass subscription is about to end the trial–I’m still going to keep it–but there are tons of paid indie games for free on there. After some adjustments to my desk for ergonomics (it’s quite nice now), I am ready to go.

Descriptors of The Cultist Simulator

It’s a digital tabletop card role-playing game. Your action is based on moving topic cards into context cards that are timed to interact with your current situation. Everything about it is pretty weird but fun.

So, The Cultist Simulator is a cross-platform game that was released on PC. Mac, and Linux a couple of years ago. It’s now ported for mobile and Switch, so pretty much everywhere. As far as I can tell, there are no variations from platform to platform. It is an indie title that has become quite popular from a developer called Weather Factory.

The Cultist Simulator has no intro or tutorial. In my opinion, this could be an oversight but it really just sets the mood for the game instead, as this is an experience drenched in mystery. Even after playing for a decent play session, I think I was only able to understand the story very minimally. What I did experience was very interesting.

Get the Kool-Aid – The Cultist Simulator

The first round I played was sort of confusing, not as a flaw. I really had no idea what to do, so I just started moving cards around and tried to understand the story. I suggest you start the game that way as well because honestly, it’s the only way to learn it. After a brutal, terrible life as whatever, I shifted the wrong cards around, and game-over. Respawn though.

The Cultist Simulator is a good name for this game, although “occultist” would have worked too. For starters, the cards look a lot like tarot; they kind of play like tarot too. There are some pretty spiritual and existential horror themes in the story as well. I had to confirm this later, but there are apparently some heavy Lovecraftian themes in The Cultist Simulator, elder alien gods, and such. Oh, also, the story is really up to you and how you play your cards. And what’s in the cards…

Creepy and Captivating

My first incarnation was a night porter at a hospital. I’ve mentioned before doing custodial work, but this job is pretty much my worst nightmare. I’ve met at least one person who actually did that kind of work when I was in the trade, and he made like massive cash. I couldn’t do it though, and I’ll admit to being a chicken because it’s heroic work. Believe me.

The Cultist Simulator

Anyway, sorry, that got really personal there. You might need to think about themes like this when you play the game though. My second round was a little more calculated. I had a financial advantage (you’re allotted certain bonuses to your upward incarnation like funds and health). In that way, I was able to take my time with the cards and try and create a strategy based on what I had.

This second round was more interesting to me, as it had me unraveling a story about investigating her father’s secret history. It didn’t totally make sense, but the interactions seemed to be pretty meaningful.

Get Me Outta Here

I’m not sure if this game has an end or scoreboard, but if you like card games this one has a lot to offer.

The Cultist Simulator

Play this pretty much anywhere, and if you get yourself into a bind in The Cultist Simulator, be careful who you sacrifice.

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