The Last Friend is a Great New Game With Dog Buddies Out Now

The Last Friend Menu

In between monitoring my every action, eShop suggested I check out what demos were out. I had really been looking for them though! So, this game The Last Friend showed up as a demo out. The art looked cool and didn’t seem too derivative of anything course. So, I downloaded it and loaded it up.

The Last Friend is a brawler kind of game with some turret defense mechanics. Most importantly, however, is all your sidekicks are dogs! WHAT. I think this is actually going to be a pretty cool game because of the variety of levels, learning curves, gentle humor, and wonderful dog companion fun. So, let’s do this.

This is not sponsored, I just really wanted to see what this was about.

Doggos and Stuff, Booting up The Last Friend

Stay tuned for one paragraph for my enlightenment.

I have about a ten-minute attention span with any game. I’m not entirely competitive. But I like to see a game giving a good first impression. I’ve been wary in the past of games with too much stuff on the screen. it’s not so bad here though really. Actually, there are quite a few options to customize everything, which is kinda cool–I’m into that. I don’t totally know the intentions of this game, since I’ve never heard of this as a series or anything. Time to look it up:

Unpack the Gameplay

Okay… I adjust my canter. Well, it IS quite a popular game. Says it was released originally for PC in 2019 by The Stonebot Studios. Yeah, alright, well this is pretty cool then!

Let me give you a rundown of The Last Friend. So, you start off with this RV and a talking chihuahua/cyborg that defends your RV from these kinds of desert mobs and bosses. That’s the first area in the demo, but there are apparently a variety of level types–snow, etc.

It’s pretty much a button-mashing experience, which I do like. Not a whole lot of coordination is necessary, but you’ll want to defend your RV. I don’t know what its purpose is or anything, but after you beat a level, you will make friends with a NEW DOG. Woah. Plus, guess what, when you’re between levels, you can go to a chillout area and talk to the dogs or pet them. It’s pretty amusing.

I Recommend The Last Friend–At Least the Demo!

If you have a switch, just check out this demo before the game releases in January. It’s a great way to see what it is about, and will probably help you decide if you want to buy it.

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