The Lightbringer (Demo) is What I Played Today

The Light Bringer Demo Screen

Okay, let’s talk about The Lightbringer.

This is kind of random. No, really, it is. Might as well roll for initiative. Anyway, I’ve been spending a ton of time on the Switch lately, since I was traveling with the handheld recently and got kind of used to it. However, I recorded it while playing on my TV, so I don’t know.

Anyway, was looking back through some of my YouTube videos and realized a lot of you like demos for some reason. So, this one was on the eShop and I gave it a spin. Here we go again with this kinda cute boomerang-whirling puzzle solver: The Lightbringer.

It’s all coming back to me, life in The Lightbringer

Basically it took about ten minutes to run through the tutorial and the first level. There wasn’t too much complication to it. It’s a puzzle story I guess. Hero’s journey. It’s packaged neatly for the loremasters, though not too intensively. It reminds me of The Last Campfire and Go Heroes. It’s a very practical release for the Switch, with familiar themes.

You just kinda platform jump from one island to the next and collect things. Just looking over at the game’s website and it is apparent that the levels get a lot more thematic to keep things interesting.

The Lightbringer Is Pretty Straightforward

This is a fun puzzle adventure meshed with platform levels, and the best part I liked about it is it was easy enough for me! I quickly learned the double jump and how to use the boomerang. There is enough challenge though. Perhaps I’d have continued further if I weren’t in a rush to see what was going on here. Another game it reminds me of is Twin Stones, even the narration actually sounds like the same person–is it? It’s definitely square/cube polygons in nature though, even in the preview pictures I looked at.

I honestly didn’t take a ton of interest in continuing and I drowned too many times, but simply because I am satisfied with the presentation. If you’re looking for a game that encourages get-to-the-point puzzle solving, The Lightbringer has a lot to offer. It is currently on sale, so if you’re looking for something along these lines, check it out.

Quick Review

I generally write longer reviews, but this was just something I played to see what’s going on with Switch demos. I might do some more in this vein soon. Not a bad game though! It would be a good play after-work title, something to wrap your head around. There is a demo on eShop now for I don’t know how much longer. Definitely worth checking out though.

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